Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Passing the Torch . . . .

These lovely young ladies, Annie and Debbie, my daughter and daughter-in-law, respectively, spent the day helping out Mom so she could be with her siblings as they made plans to honor their mom. 

Lawn mowing, dish washing and vacuuming---even bathing young Foster at the Lovestead took up most of their day's agenda. 

After their work was done, they took some time for a refreshing swim.

Then, they returned, announcing that they were going to ride horses.  Of course, some time spent watching a portion of the movie My Friend Flicka spurred them on--no pun, of course.

So, they caught Lily and Lefty from the pasture, brushed them, sprayed them for flies and saddled up.  In each case, neither had ever ridden their mount.

As an aside: just telling you, Mother, you would have been very proud of your granddaughter/daughter-in-law.  

They did just fine, steering their mounts down the road and staying on.   

They even passed the tests of staying aboard while rattly hay wagons and huge logging trucks loaded down with huge bales, passed by.  

Of course, this horse adventure all needed documenting, so I jumped on my "Marianne Pink" mount and pedaled along for the ride, snapping photos all the way. 

Mother's influence and love for a good horse and nice evening ride down a country road continues on. 

Many thanks to Annie and Debbie for their help yesterday.  Much appreciated. 

~~~~Mother's church service at St. Joseph's Catholic Church this Friday will be private BUT in the spirit of her phenomenal, rich life, we are planning a Celebration of Life/Wake for her the weekend of her 92nd birthday.

On Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013, we invite all our friends and family who knew and loved our mother to join us at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch from 1-4 that afternoon.  

Mother loved going to the beautiful guest ranch up Gold Creek.  Years ago, she spent time there coordinating the annual St. Jude's Trail Ride. 

We also celebrated a family dinner there for her 90th birthday, and she went for a carriage ride. 

We'll honor her with a touching photo show and displays of her beautiful art.  

I'm sure we'll raise a glass or two and tell some tales on her.  

So, if you knew our mom, mark that date---Aug. 11---on your calender.  Would love to see you there. 

Mother loved all things Western AND her bling.  She is shown at Western dress-up day at The Bridge for Assisted Living a couple of years ago.

I remember her calling me that morning and requesting a bag of Bull Durham to wear with her ensemble.

I also remember looking everywhere in town, only to learn that most folks had never heard of Bull Durham.  So, she had to go without.

Mother's carriage ride at Western Pleasure on her 90th birthday weekend.  Her youngest son Jim and her triplet great-grandchildren accompanied her on the first go-round with Roley Schoonover and the team. 

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