Monday, August 05, 2013

Beautiful and Bountiful

I found some surprises in the garden this morning.  Actually, the echinacea has surprised me a couple of times because these beautiful blooms are hidden by a jungle of hollyhocks, garlic and tall stems with yellow flowers.

One has to step inside the dog kennel to remember and admire this year's crop of echinacea. Maybe that's good because extra effort certainly pays off when their perennial beauty shines forth among the segments of kennel wire. 

The roses, of course, have special meaning.  The singles are growing on a bush given to me by Bill one day to let me know that he, indeed, appreciates my yard and garden efforts.  

This bush is very prolific and has continued to show off some gorgeous blooms.

The smaller bush in the corner of the garden was my Mother's Day gift from Annie.  When she was home last time, it was transitioning, so she did not get to see its full beauty.  

Thus, this morning's photo can assure her that Mom sure does love the rose.

Finally, the lone petunia has a bit of a story.  It's a volunteer from a huge plant given me last year by Bill.  In that case there was a sad story about a much beloved horse involved.

The flowers reminded me of the beauty of that horse and the beauty in this world.  They also somewhat shielded the ugliness of some people who should not own animals. 

The plant, which bloomed profusely all last summer, helped me put my angry, disgusted feelings toward these people aside. 

Yes, the lawn and gardens are ablaze with bountiful blooms and bountiful crops.  Last night we ate more fresh corn on the cob.  This morning I discovered a fair-sized cucumber in one garden, signaling some good eats in the next few days.

And, there is a GIANT and ever-growing zucchini out there in the manure pile.  I'm thinking it may go to the fair if it hasn't burst open by then.  

All is looking great for this week which is far from ordinary.  We're spending lots of time preparing for Mother's Celebration of Life this Sunday. 

Yesterday my sisters and I shared some messy-house confessions.  We were looking at photos they had collected and listening to music to go with those photos and letting go with a few good human waterfalls. 

While talking of the time spent searching through all the photos in every conceivable spot in our respective homes and in Mother's, I described my office surroundings---piles of photos all around the desk, opened briefcases and photo albums, and a bed covered with photos.

Laurie said, "Come with me.  She led me to their den.  It's pretty much a toss-up of which room, theirs or mine,  looks the most like a hurricane swept through. 

So, before the week ends, we may be doing some organizing or at least stuffing all those photos away somewhere, probably to stay in those temporary venues years to come. 

Bountiful and beautiful could also describe the results of everybody's searches.  

We always knew so, but it's been reconfirmed through the hundreds of images that our mother was truly a remarkable, multi-dimensional woman.  

And, we shall all be very proud to show off her phenomenal life this coming Sunday. 


Anonymous said...

I recently did a family history dvd and scrutinized a lot of background music. May I suggest Nat and Natilie King Cole's version of "Unforgettable" also, Barbara Mandrell's version of "I leave something good behind" Your mother sounds like grand lady, I'm sure the earth must have tipped a bit off its axis the day she passed on.

Marianne Love said...

Thank you for the ideas. We have selected four songs, two of which have the name "Virginia" in them. They'll be perfect.

But I'll tell you, she IS unforgettable and has left behind a lot of good memories, influences and tangible beauty.

Again, thanks.