Monday, September 09, 2013

Just a Lotta Stuff

Yesterday Bill and I took a Sunday drive.  We were hardly a mile from the driveway when we saw my neighbor Gary and his driver Lori out taking a spin with Gary's Percherons.

Since my regular camera was tucked away in a bag, I snapped this shot with my cell phone.  Am just getting used to the procedures involved with cell phone photography but am learning.  One thing I've learned is that the image from my particular phone camera is not quite as crisp as my usual camera.

Still, the phone turned out handy because my regular camera quit working up near the Canadian border---probably a low batter.  So a couple of the shots below were taken with the cell phone.

Anyway, seeing the Percherons moving up and down the road is always a pretty sight. 

"Wanna go up Deer Creek?" Bill asked when I suggested we go for a Sunday drive.  So, that's where we were for this photo.  Deer Creek is northeast of Bonners Ferry.  By the way, we didn't see any deer near the creek.

I did see lot of the fall mini daisies.  Lots of them, but these little buggers next to the pretty log looked a whole lot better than those growing out in the open among the tansey. 

I also wondered where this door's car ended up.  If anyone around Bonners Ferry sees someone driving a car without a door, tell 'em to go to Deer Creek.  The door is in pretty good shape. 

Tansey and little daisies aren't always eye candy or desirable, but when tansey grows next to the rocks and a lovely waterfall, we'll give it a pass. 

Another cell phone shot, taken after we visited Canuck Pass and started down toward Copper Falls.  A better lens would have captured all the beautiful topography in this view.  It was nice to look out and observe the grandeur of wide-open natural beauty. 

Cell phone shot of a Mulie mother with her twin fawns.  We don't see too many mule deer in our area, so it was a treat to watch this family standing in the road and later climbing to safety from the human intruders.  

We were a few miles from Copper Falls when we met these deer.  We moved on and eventually stopped at Super 1 Foods in Bonners Ferry where Bill picked up a box of chicken for our late dinner.  Great afternoon of exploring several haunts in the mountains of the north country where we've visited over the years. 

Had to show a photo today of our Baker Bros. plus one biking team who stayed two nights here at the Lovestead on their cross-country saga.  Bob, on the left, graduated wtih my brother Mike from West Point in 1966.

This weekend guys pedaled to the Atlantic coast line and performed a ceremonious dip with their bikes in the water off the Maine Coast Saturday.  They're on their way home now after pedaling from June through September across the northern United States.  Quite a feat and definitely quite a memory for the family. 

Some geocoins and assorteds at the European GeoCoinfest in Prague.  The geocoin in the little one's hand is Annie's personal coin---heart-shaped with Seattle's Space Needle.  I have a feeling that a few Czechs have their own personal Love geocoin after this weekend. 

Don't know the full story for this but someone said this puzzle piece looked an awful lot like Annie Love with her Sounders flag.  Pretty neat.  Annie has one more day in Prague today; then she'll drive back to Munich to fly home Wednesday.  Can't wait to hear her stories about this fabulous trip. 

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