Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainy-Day Visit

When you're almost 2 and you visit the Lovestead on a rainy day, you bring along your best friend. 

You also get to meet Lefty who loves people but hates having to stand in the "fat" pen while his best friend grazes in the pasture. 

You also go inside the barn and romp just a little bit on the hay stack.  Barns are fun, but there's more . . . .

. . . . out behind the barn, there's a bunch of pumpkins, and you get to choose which one you want to take home for your mom to carve. 

Then you walk through the pasture where the other horses are grazing and enter the Lodgepole Society center.  Some lady, who talks a lot,  stands there holding a yellow book, reading it to your mom.  Meanwhile,  you wish you could keep on moving through the tall, wet grass. . . . 

. . . but you're patient, and you're glad Mom is protecting your best friend from the rain while she signs in to the Lodgepole Society.  Then, she actually lets you join too.  That's pretty neat. 

After you're home from your visit to the Lovestead and you're sound asleep, taking your nap, the horses are still grazing in the wet pasture.

And, about the time you wake up from naptime at your house, so does the sun at the Lovestead.  The grass is green,  and everything is clean and fresh.  It's kind of a neat place to go visit.  You'll be really glad when your mom gets that pumpkin carved for Halloween.

And, the Loves are really glad you came to visit.  Thanks, Kelli and Jaclyn.  Come again. 

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