Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just Wednesday Stuff

Well, yesterday's work in progress blog posting never progressed much past the morning edition.  Turned out to be a day on the run from start to finish.

So far, today is proceeding somewhat normally and much the same as every other day for the past week.  Fog in the morning and due to lift off for another afternoon of eye-catching, stunning fall splendor.

In the midst of a busy day for me yesterday,  big changes were taking place on our house.  Trevor and Amos put up the support beams and prepared the roof area for further construction and the deck-roof rafters.  

Later in the afternoon, Bill facetiously worried about how we would step into the front lawn.  I assured him that we'll have a clear pathway once the parts all go together.

I'm sure that every day we'll be seeing some more dramatic differences in the house front.  And, it will be a great day when we can stand under the new roof and celebrate. 

My day involved a quick trip to Spokane to pick up my ZAGS posters.  Still have some to deliver, but I've already seen big smiles from recipients who are just as excited to see the season start as we are.  

This Friday night they'll play in an exhibition game and then the regular season starts Nov. 9.  

For those who may have wondered about the Pink Pussycat Boutique pictured on yesterday's quickly thrown together posting, Willie and I first saw the place on a quick trip through New York City back in 1995.  

So, the other morning when I asked Annie what she had on her day's schedule, she said "Greenwich Village and Central Park."

"See if you can find the Pink Pussycat," I suggested.  I think it's near Washington Square.  Well, within half an hour a photo appeared on Facebook, and the place looks pretty much the same as we saw it in 1995.

Glad to see that the slinky lingerie business is still thriving in the big city.  

Annie returned to Seattle last night, with plans that trips to New York need to be annual affairs.  Somehow I thought she'd like the Big Apple. 

As for me, I'm a bit behind schedule today and a bit frazzled, thanks to some chronic problems with blogging and posting photos of late.  I'm thinking some computer maintenance is in the near future because these morning frustrations are getting tiresome.

So, here's wishing a happy Wednesday as we count down this fast-moving beautiful month.

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Anonymous said...

you are going to "love" the covered porch!!
rose marie