Friday, October 25, 2013


We don't really need a ZAGS day today---just yet anyway.  The weather is nice; that means we can still enjoy projects and fun outdoors.  

Our minds have not exactly turned inward, just yet anyway.  More than likely that will happen late next week when cold and wet and gray days and leafless trees become the rule rather than the exception.

That's when we'll really need our ZAGS days, so I'm guessing today is just a teaser to remind us that good times are ahead, with the season officially beginning Nov. 9.

Tonight, however,  the ZAGS play a home exhibition game against Canada's Simon Frazier University at McArthey Athletic Complex in the Bulldog Kennel.  

Exhibition games often lack the finesse and intensity we like to see during the regular season because the coaches are sending in players, taking them out, trying this, trying that---basically getting to know their team. 

We can be pretty flexible about quality tonight----that they win and that we have a nice launch for our Gonzaga gatherings over the next several months.

Tonight family members will come to my house, all 'cept Bill, that is.  Bill has to go to Spokane----not to watch the ZAGS but for a Society of American Foresters meeting.  He was grousing a bit last night that the person who scheduled the meeting just wasn't thinking about the ZAGS.

Bet that guy will hear about it.  Maybe next year he'll check with the proper authorities before scheduling fall and winter SAF gatherings.

Some people just need to get their priorities straight.

While Bill is off in the big city, we'll be munching on munchies and then diving in to the mystery meal.  I'm not telling the guests what they're going to eat cuz the element of surprise is more fun, especially for an exhibition game.

It should be good, though!

Later, we'll get in to a weekly routine with pizza, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches or whatever the designated hosts/hostesses choose as a menu.

This getting together for ZAGS games has turned into a nice tradition in the past few years.  

We'll be sorely missing one family member this season.  She didn't attend too many ZAGS games with us last year, but she had her ZAGS poster on her door, and we made sure the TV where she lived was tuned in to the games.

I can't help but believe, however, that the ZAGS spirit will remain with our mother through eternity, as one of her ZAGS caps went along with her. 

And, of course, in her honor,  we'll each keep her enthusiastic love for those boys alive and kicking as we wear our "respective uniforms" each game night and scream with joy with every single basket  and win throughout the year. 

The ZAGS tradition with us and with thousands of their diehard fans across the country and the world is nothing short of spectacular for endless and good reasons.  

So, we're thrilled that today we can begin yet another season tonight, learning about each player,  cheering them on, loving them to death, and bursting with pride that ZAGS r US.  

Go ZAGS!  We wish you another phenomenal year, and we're behind you all the way!

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