Sunday, December 15, 2013

Decorating Day, Yay!

Bill brought home a Fraser Fir yesterday.  I asked him to pick out a slim tree which would not take up a lot of room.  

We don't have any choice in where our tree goes---sliding-glass door area, that's it, and that's a pretty busy traffic area.  

Both of us would like to put up the tree outside on the new deck, but tradition and where to stack the presents play into our decision to keep it inside.  

Who knows?  I might change my mind, especially because Bill could not find a lean Fraser fir. He said he felt downright lucky to get the beautifully shaped and rotund tree that now lies out on the deck.

Second to the last one at Yoke's, he said.  In one lot, he said trees were selling for $80. Even a forester/passionate tree lover would not pay a price like that.

Seems the supply around town is pretty limited this year, so we'll be decorating a FAT fir today. 

This fir looks like it has a good bottom, one which should go into the stand without much exasperation.  

A tree that size could present some problems in the hardest part of tree decoration----getting the darned thing to stand up and stay stood up without an hour-long wrestling match and a whole lot of cussing.

Once the propping-up project is done, a tree like the beauty Bill brought home should be a piece of cake in the decorating department-----no big gaps to fill in with 30 ornaments or a with clump of lights.  

We've had those kind in the past, just as we've had the kind that are just like people--- they have a "better side," and you'd better put the not-so good side toward the windows on the sliding-glass door and then pray that nobody walks by outside to see what you're trying to hide.

Nope, this one's a true beauty, and I'm figuring that wherever it ends up----as long as it ends UP, that is----the tree will rank as a stand-out in our 39 years of Christmas decorating as a couple. 

I can say with no reservations to Bill:  you've come a long way, Baby, in your tree selection for Christmas time.  In fact, I'm thinking this is the most impressive tree of all. 

It should be a fun day getting the place all gussied up for the next couple of weeks.  Maybe I'll try that Christmas music again.  Trees do need watering, ya know!

All that in mind, I'm gonna keep this morning's posting short because it may have some additional "mission accomplished" photos added later today.  

So, check back and see the forester's tree in all its glory.  

Happy Sunday. 

Told you I might post a photo of the decorated tree later in the day.  Well, here 'tis!   Bill has gone to town to buy me a new Christmas tree stand, after we heard a "POP!" and then watched the tree crash to the floor.   We soon figured out that the tree was just too darned heavy for the stand cuz the stand broke from the weight of the tree.

  At that point, I said, "Let's just leave it and go for a hike.  I can't deal with anymore from this tree right now."

 The ones out in the woods behaved much better than the one in our living room.  I think trees like living in the woods a whole lot more than in someone's house.  

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