Thursday, January 02, 2014

Where Eagles Soar and Mountains Rise from Deep Waters . . . .

Two days in a row----the last day of 2013 and the first of 2014, my sisters and I drove to Bayview and Farragut Park.

On the last day of 2013, we dined at the Captains Table on taco salad in the best homemade shell I've ever tasted.  It was Barbara's birthday lunch, and while we sat at a window table, the big ducks and little ducks near the docks below entertained us.

We also met Joe.  He's 13, and he named Bob.  We haven't met Bob up close and personal, but we still feel like we've gotten to know him.  

Bob is one of the multitude of bald eagles hanging out in that area of Lake Pend Oreille this winter.  According to Joe, Bob comes every year and sits atop that tree near the Naval Base.

And, when he's not on the treetop,  Bob guards his territory ferociously, chasing off all those pesky seagulls that dare to get near his treetop. 

We learned a lot from Joe, who's had the good fortune of spending his boyhood in Bayview.  He doesn't like Fourth of July cuz too many people descend upon the majestic spot with its marinas and fleet of gorgeous sailboats at the south end of Lake Pend Oreille.

Seems there's a guy who shows up and uses high-powered explosives for his personal fireworks show.  At least, that's what Joe told us. 

After leaving the Captains Table on Tuesday, we drove to a gated spot on McDonald Loop Road. Past the gate is Farragut State Park, originally Farragut Naval Training Base during WWII. Remnants remain, and there's one not too far from the trail. 

We had our three pups with us that day, same day I noted that Barbara and Laurie, my sisters who are joined at the hip, have two sister dogs who look a lot alike, and they're nice enough to hang out with their oddball sister and oddball pup Foster. 

Diversity, ya know!

We enjoyed our first taste of eagles swooshing through the air, soaring high overhead and swooping in over the frigid waters of Lake Pend Oreille to grab their late afternoon meal. While eagles broke the silence with their high-pitched distinctive sounds, crows complained and loudly. 

With dogs in leash and land mines in the form of deep holes sneaking up on us (Barbara fell into one while trying to snap an eagle shot), we decided upon a return the next day withOUT dogs and fully aware to watch where we put our feet. 

So, that's what we did yesterday afternoon, leaving Bill home to watch football and think about that homemade gumbo, made by a chef "who knows what he's doing."  We learned later that Bill spent most of the afternoon out in the woods with the pups. 

Meanwhile, what a glorious time we had, leisurely too!

A lot of strolling along the shoreline surface of sand and small boulders.  Some quick visits with old friends.  I did take a picture of the cougar in the boat,  bagged by hunters and their hounds across the bay.   A boater brought the hunting team back, and they loaded the cougar and the hounds in the back of a pickup.

I'd never seen a cougar that close, and even in its fallen state, the cat was imposing with its size and even kind of cute, if there's such a situation for a dead cat. 

We visited with Connie and Thane.  Connie used to fold our clothes and keep our house tidy on a weekly basis before she and Thane moved to Rathdrum.  She's like part of our extended family.  She and her husband spend a lot of their time in the Bayview area with Connie's camera cocked and ready to shoot.

Barbara caught the spectacular eagle shots, and if you're on Facebook, you can check them out at her wall (Barbara Tibbs).  Laurie and I snapped shots that we knew our cameras and lenses could handle.

So, here are mine.  Enjoy.  Maybe a trip to Bayview will be on your agenda in the next few days.  It's truly worth the drive.  And, who knows, maybe you'll meet Joe who named Bob, the eagle. 


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