Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bye, Cool Cat . . . .

This is how I want to remember Jonas.  

I'd like to erase images of the agony and suffering he must have been enduring the past two days.  He was one sick cat.  No clue what caused a sudden and severe illness that basically shut down his body.

Jonas is no longer suffering, and because of that, I am relieved. 

This cool cat went to Kitty Heaven much too soon for the feline species at approximately 6 years of age. 

Three of those years were spent in a hoarding situation-----so awful the rescuers had to wear masks to remove Jonas and a bunch of other tomcats from the environment. 

Panhandle Animal Shelter worked with and housed the kitties until they found new homes.

When I walked into the spit-shined apartment at the shelter where Jonas was living, I picked him out immediately and looked no further.  

"This is the one," I said. 

Jonas came to our farm with the idea that he would make a good mouser for the barn.  

A good mouser, yes, but Jonas preferred being around his peeps, his kitty friends and the dogs, especially Foster.  

He was Foster's best friend.  

These cute sidekicks (about the same size) could be seen cavorting in the grass, feigning attacks upon each other and occasionally in the midst of discipline sessions where Foster yelped because Jonas had batted him on the nose for playing just a little too hard. 

Jonas also followed his kitty cat friend Festus pretty much wherever Festus would go.  

To say he was social would be an understatement. 

We loved him, and I proclaimed at least a hundred times, "Best cat I ever had."  

Jonas was sensible, loving, beautiful and happy.  The last word makes me happy because he lived the rest of his short life in what had to be kitty-cat bliss----with lots of friends of the feline, canine and human species. 

I won't forget Jonas.  I am sad at his loss but grateful to have known him and provided him a nice life on the farm. 

RIP:  Jonas.

On a happier note, Todd,  of the Border Collie Nation, had his draining tubes removed yesterday, and he looks much better.  Still a long road of healing ahead, but we Love's are thrilled with his progress. 

Happy Tuesday


Patsy said...

It is so hard to lose a pet, especially when they have ingrained themselves so securely into your lives. RIP Jonas.

Word Tosser said...

what a great life he had with all of you at the Love farm... so blessed and loved by all... always sad ot lose a fur family member..

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss, Marianne and Bill... The very worst part about pets is losing them.