Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foto Fun along Center Valley Road

The Watson place on the corner of South Center Valley and Center Valley Roads.  

Logs heading to the mill from the Wood's property. 

This house may have moved more than most homes.  According to a lady who once lived in it, the house started out at Laclede, then moved by barge to Dover after the A.C. White mill burned in Laclede.  That was back in the early 1920s.  The house sat  in the area near ServaBurger for a while before moving permanently to Colburn and what is now my sisters' farm----the old Tucker Dairy. 

The magnificent Tucker Dairy barn, which was converted to a horse stable when my sisters and parents moved to the place in the 1990s. 

A pretty pink hydrangea inside my sisters' home. 

Why we love old barns---their weathered look and the cobwebs in the windows indicated they've been around for a while. 

Looking up in the spot where the hay wagons park each summer for Barbara and Laurie's hay crews to fill the hay loft.  The pigeons love this old barn too, even though Barbara and Laurie don't love pigeons. 

The milk house on the side of the barn now serves as a shop/storage area and a restroom. 

The cottage:  Mother did a painting of this lovely old building where some Tucker family members lived several decades ago. 

Fences section off plots of pasture for the horses. 

A few of the horses enjoying a day in the sun. 

Yup, my sisters love Arabians. 

Rowdy, our mother's kitty cat, has a house to himself, and he didn't mind sunning himself in his bed while I walked by. 

Some old-time and more than likely effective barbwire on the fence in the hay field across the road from the main place.  

When you have to go to your sisters' and wait while a tech fixes their Internet connection, a camera can help pass the time.

That's what I did yesterday, on a most beautiful day.  The tech took almost an hour figuring out the Internet problem so I took a lot of photos while walking around the Tibbs Arabian Ranch, once the Tucker Dairy. 


Word Tosser said...

is that your Mom's cat?

MLove said...

Yup. Captions now appear.