Friday, March 07, 2014

Kinging and Springing

The "mystery surprise" for Bill came yesterday with Jeannie and her granddaughter Cooper.  

They came bearing a couple of bags of good ol' Luzianna Community Coffee. This morning I'm thinking I should have brewed up some of that stout stuff to go with Jeannie's other surprise, a King's cake. 

While Cooper and Foster got acquainted under the dining room table and around the house, Jeannie, Bill and I enjoyed slices of her cake and some coffee of Paul Newman vintage.  Plus, we had a great visit.

Jeannie had never made a King's cake, but I'd say she had the touch.  She won't know this until she reads this morning's blog:  I had a second piece for dinner.  Good, good stuff.

We all decided Cooper could serve as the traditional "trinket," so to speak.  King's cakes often come with baby dolls inside.  An adorable and active young lady, Cooper served as a great substitute.  What a cutie!  Best set of dimples I've seen in a long time. 

So, we all enjoyed our visit and have agreed that Jeannie is once again a member in good standing of the Lodgepole Society. 

On this Friday morning, I've witnessed more signs of spring: snow receding and patches of green grass growing---not the grass, thank God, just the size of the patches. 

I spend enough time mowing and love it but not in early March.  Grass can start growing with vigor in April.

We still have water, water everywhere.  More birds are singing.  I heard one immediately outside the computer-room window this morning.  That means the birds like landing on the new deck roof.  

I'm thinking of having a bird feeder dangling from the window or maybe rigging up a planter so I can water flowers right outside my "office."  Lots of possibilities and dreams of upcoming good times lounging on the deck in relative comfort from hot sun or spring rains.

This weekend will be fairly quiet and one hour shorter.  That means one hour less time until Ireland.  I like that. 

We've decided to have a real change in our Gonzaga game-watching menu tomorrow night:  breakfast for dinner.

A lot of us usually don't eat much of anything for breakfast, but we do love breakfast.  So, it will be fun cooking up sausage and bacon and eggs and hotcakes and maybe even slicing off whatever's left of that King's cake. 

Can't wait to bite into a Huckleberry hotcake slathered with melting margarine and maple syrup. 

And, of course, we're hoping for the best for the ZAGS tomorrow night as they vie for the tournament championship and a good spot in the NCAA March Madness.

Sadly, we're going to miss most of the NCAA tournament.  I rather doubt they show games all day long over in Ireland.  We'll still turn in our brackets, though,  and hope for a big win.  Last year I tied for first, so I've got to defend my title. 

Plus, after all the money we spend on our trip, winning the pot or even a portion of it might come in handy. 

Of course, there's always the chance of winning Warren Buffet's billion dollars for a perfect bracket.  Where do we turn submit those for inspection?

That would be nice.  For now, I'll probably not make too many plans for spending that wad. 

Life is good, and we are thankful for the day-to-day blessings as we enjoy our King's cake gift,  move into spring and look forward to all the excitement ahead.  

Happy Friday. 

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