Friday, April 18, 2014

Rainy Day Assorteds

A good and necessary bath:  yup, the earth around here got it yesterday with a full day of rain.  This morning's scenes look as if an artist has been busy with the landscape, or is it the other way around----a lovely landscape for the artist.

With the rain comes a coming-out party.  Worms.  Thousands of them.  I'm hoping I didn't squash any while walking down South Center Valley Road.

Many stretched their bodies to the max to get wherever it is that worms go after a rain.  I'm wondering if legislation could be enacted to preserve the worm population after rainstorms cuz I'm betting a whole lot of them never make it to their destination via dirt road.

Anyway, all is beautious on this Good Friday morning.  I'm excited because after my hair clip with Sally, Bill and I will head for Spokane to pick up the horses.

I haven't missed the past month of choreless mornings or listening to the morning K102.5 breakfast crowd, but I have missed Lily and Lefty.  

Once again, starting tomorrow morning, they'll be greeting me each day and impatiently imploring me to feed 'em their breakfasts.

After their month away at boot camp, I'm anxious to see how their instruction affects a good saddle up and ride down the road.  I'm sure that will come tomorrow.

In the meantime, we'll get them home and enjoy watching them race around their barnyard when they come out of the trailer and realize that they're back at the Lovestead. 

Part of yesterday's rainy day was spent enjoying lunch and catching up with good friends/former students Jeralyn and Kari.

We try to do lunch at least once a year, and I'm thinking that's not quite often enough because yesterday we barely scratched the surface on covering all the great things going on in our respective lives.

Still, it was a fun lunch at Mick Duff's, and I do treasure my friendship with these wonderful ladies who often work as a team, doing so much for our community and its youth. 

Yesterday morning I avoided the rain by attending the student concert featuring the Canadian quartet known as "Maria in the Shower."

This POAC-sponsored event filled the house at the Panida Theater and charmed the heck out of grade school students from around the area with their lively playlist.

And, of course, before boarding their buses to go back to school, a few students tracked down band members for autographs.

Maria in the Shower also performed last night at the Panida.  This group of multi-talented musicians came to Sandpoint from Vancouver, B.C.

I'm betting that some kids went home and told their parents about the band member above who played the trumpet and the accordian AT THE SAME TIME.

Twas a great concert, and I'm sure a lot of young people were greatly inspired by the program.

That's all for today.  Gotta go see a man about bringing my horses home!

Happy Friday. 

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Kari S said...

Love you too Marianne! Yes we need to all get together more!