Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday Slight

That's Murray's fence on the corner of North Kootenai and Selle Roads.  I love the scene any time of the year, especially in the morning sun.  This time the early greenery served as a nice complement to its rustic look. 

We're reaching that stage of spring when virtually every trip outside arouses a sense of pleasing exhilaration.

Last night Bill and I waited outside for my sisters to meet us and head to town for dinner. We spent our time leisurely strolling around enjoying the wonderment of nature's palette. 

Plum trees loaded with thousands of white blossoms provide a lovely contrast to a freshly mowed, still moist, deep green lawn.  

Yellow blossoms from the front yard shrub bushes, which had seen their peak and were blown by the wind,  littered the lawn---in a nice way.  

Two pretty horses, almost slicked off from their winter coats, nibbled at hay in the barnyard. 

I also admired the progress in my garden where a couple of rows of baby lettuce have come up from seed, and other rows of transplanted lettuce, green and red cabbage and sweet onion starts are indicating what we always love in the spring:  progress. 

It's a good time and a sad time too. Today we'll attend a memorial service for Ron Hunt, a beloved friend to many teachers, students, athletes and, of course, his grieving family.  

The service will be at Memorial Field where football and baseball have reigned supreme for years, and where Ron and family members have sat for many an hour cheering on the their teams.  I can't think of a more fitting place to say good bye to this fine man. 

After the service, I'll probably do some quick visiting with old friends in attendance and then make my way to my sisters' house to watch the last hour or so of the Kentucky Derby.  

Can't miss that.  As usual, I don't have a favorite. The whole production is always my favorite.

When those horses come down the track in front of the reviewing stand and the band plays "My Old Kentucky Home,"  I have a feeling there'll be more tears than ever, as my sisters and I will undoubtedly be wistfully thinking about "Behave Yourself," the 1921 Derby Winner and the image of our mother, born in 1921, standing beneath his sign when she visited Louisville several years ago. 

Our first Derby without Mother. 

Yes, a bittersweet day but again a day to celebrate the beauty and wonderment in our lives, the people we have loved and lost and the wonderful traditions of spring. 

Happy Saturday. 

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