Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuesday TwitterdeLISHious

Last night's dinner featured garden goodies.

That salad (I like a little salad with my Ranch dressing) mostly came from the garden with its various kinds of lettuce and baby spinach.

The potato takes me back to the early '80s when my friend Marian was working on her Master's Degree at the University of Washington.

I met up with her in Seattle while visiting with a group of student journalists.

Marian took me to a place called "The Price Is Right" for dinner.  The menu:  all baked potatoes---huge baked potatoes with oodles of choices for tater accessories.

My choice:  a potato with cheese, sour cream, asparagus, Canadian bacon, melted margarine and seasoning.

Last night's version substituted regular bacon for the Canadian variety----still yummy with every bite.  And, of course, the asparagus came from the garden.

It's about time for the garden to add to most meals, and my tastebuds are happy as are Bill's. 

This pretty little flower patch is located on the far north lawn.  Once its show has ended, it gets mowed.

Along with their lovely blooms, those Iris have the most fragrant sweet smell. 

Columbine are abundant this year. 

Annie holding her Sounders flag in front of the stadium where former Seattle Sounders stand-out and Colombian native Freddie Montero now plays soccer.

The Estadio Jose Alvalade XXI, where she's standing in Lisbon earlier today, 
serves as home-game venue for the Primeira Liga club Sporting Clube de Portuga

Annie and a Portuguese geocaching friend enjoying a tour of Lisbon.

Today Annie's on her way to a beach resort in the south of Portugal. 

My last tidbit on this Tuesday involves sending you to a link where you will see the MOST amazing Border Collie performance with a BC named Levi.  

Words can't describe it.  It's worth the click.  Give yourself a few minutes and turn up the sound.  Happy Tuesday


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