Monday, December 29, 2014

Brrr! It's Bundle-up Time

Plow time.  Cars must be out of the way. 

Finally, some snow to add luster to the holiday lighting. 

Smile, pups!  Annie grabs a few shots before leaving her "own private Idaho" to go back to Seattle yesterday. 

Birds aplenty have kept me filling the feeder the past couple of days.  This is an Annie photo.

Annie did a Foster Photo Shoot, so, of course, I couldn't resist this shot. 

Quite a contrast to what Bill, Annie and I were experiencing in Hawaii two weeks ago. This morning, especially, instead of shedding the layers, we're adding them.  

Note to myself after going out to do the morning chores:  wear warmer gloves.  Numb fingers don't work so well. 

Suddenly, after an overnight snow dump Saturday,  shovels, water heaters, indoor electric heaters, plows and snowblowers are getting a workout.  

Bill cleaned out all the key areas yesterday, so with the cold, cold, cold air coming today we'll be able to do the usual chores without too many problems. 

Snow clouds this morning have gone and stars are twinkling throughout a cold December sky of blue.  

Beautiful but bitterly cold and brisk winds will lower the temperature all the more this afternoon and evening. 

We're ready, though.  A big stack of wood and kindling will keep the stove stoked up, and horses have moved to the barnyard where Meserve Preserve bushy spruce will cut the wind and keep them warm during the days. 

Yesterday was a day of cleaning out and monitoring family as they made their way to their respective homes.  Annie and I hit dry roads by the I-90 freeway and even spent a few minutes at Cabela's before airport time.  

In the meantime, Willie, Debbie, Swiss Miss, Brooke and Todd were making their way north on bad roads in Eastern Oregon.  Soon we learned that they had a flat near Tri-Cities and stopped to get it fixed.

They got out of there with four new tires, hardly an added expense they had planned for when they left Boise.  

To top off a long day's drive, Willie had basketball practice when they finally arrived in town around 8.  I'm sure home looked mighty good once they arrived last night. 

Annie arrived safely in Seattle about the same time the Seahawks had sealed up home-field advantage for the NFL play-offs.  Looks like another fun year to be a Seahawks fan. 

Anyway, everyone is safely home and where they need to be.  That all changes here cuz Willie has a game in Coeur d'Alene today, so it looks like I'll be going with Debbie and Laura to watch.  

And, the ZAGS play tonight at 8 p.m. We'll be bundled up and staying as warm as possible while winter winds bring on the chill and a hot basketball team continues to entertain us. 

GO ZAGS!  GO LADY BULLDOGS!  Happy Monday. Stay warm!

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peppylady (Dora) said...

We got about eight inches of white powder here in Naples.

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