Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seen on Oahu

Kite surfers off a very windy stretch of beach on the west end of the North Shore.  We stopped at several beaches yesterday afternoon, but did not see too many people in the water, except these folks who could enjoy the water with a little extra help.

I wanted to sample a fresh banana, so we stopped yesterday at a roadside fruit stand where a lady happily sold me two kinds of bananas grown on her farm.  The bigger variety is called an "ice cream" banana with a sweet flavor, while the other, she says, is more tart.  So far I've sampled the ice cream banana and it is very flavorful and good. I'm hoping Bill and Annie want some samples too, cuz I don't think I want to eat ALL those bananas by tomorrow.
Don't try to use the outdoor pool or the hot tub at Turtle Bay Resort Hotel if you're not a guest.  Well, you might get to enjoy a few minutes, but these folks can quickly spot the moochers.  

They're part of security staff, and they're called "aloha ambassador recreational officers."

Leialoha  and Aaron can be very nice, but they can also act as an effective enforcers when nonguests try to take advantage of the hotel.  

I was not trying to use the hotel facilities when I met them yesterday morning.  They were folding towels for guests using the hot tub and pool as I walked through their area.

So, we enjoyed a nice visit. 

You don't have to look hard to find these guys.  Kinda like the deer population in Selle.  They're everywhere, especially at the parks and beaches.  We stopped at a beach yesterday which was overrun with chickens and kitty cats and an occasional pigeon. 

Everyone seems to get along, and the cats appear to be very contented with their lot in life.

Waves rolling up to the shore like this one kept the swimming numbers to a minimum, but not the awe.
Annie's Hawaiian geocaching friends.

Annie and Bill visit with Judy, a geocacher and doctor from Honolulu.  We met at a state park yesterday for "cache in and trash out" along with a hike to Hawaii's oldest geocache. I started off on the hike but decided to turn back as we continued down a hillside on a very wet, slippery trail.  I worried more about what would happen to my camera than my body should I take a tumble, so walked back up to the trail head and enjoyed a nice visit with Judy's friend while the rest of the group continued on.


Some aspects of Oahu are beyond words, especially the sunsets.  We've had several periods of clouds and rain, which have not stopped our fun, but when the sun is shining or going to bed, there's nothing quite like it.  One more day of fun; then we head home.  So far, it's been a wonderful experience.

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Word Tosser said...

We were told that the reason why there are so many chickens everywhere.. is because of a storm years ago, where all the domestic chickens got loose and went forth and multiplied.. lol.. so now they are everywhere.. we saw a lot of them.. and they were beautiful as well.