Thursday, January 15, 2015

Remembering GS Manitou+/: One Magnificent Champion

Mani:  a dream horse for Laurie, a true champion for all.

We do grieve, as a family and along with a wide community of horse lovers,  this week at the sudden loss of GS Manitou+/.   

Mani and Laurie's story of their most recent national achievements brought many smiles last Friday in our local paper, the Bonner County Daily Bee.  

Go to this link and flip to page 8 for to read the piece written by Willie's former Cedar Post editor, Tyson Bird. 

This week, it's difficult to hold back the tears at this loss with many layers associated with so many shining moments this animal provided for Laurie and his multitude of admirers.

 To Seabiscuit author, Laura Hillenbrand:  here's another wonderful story to tell!

GS Manitou+/  aka "Mani"

                                                          1999 --2015


Anonymous said...

We who are not locals are wondering what happened?

MLove said...

The vet believes it was a neurological event associated with Cushings Disease.

Word Tosser said...

OH NO.. MY HEART HURTS WITH THIS NEWS.. AND LAURIE.. WHAT A LOSS.. she has rode this magnificent animal to great heights..
Please tell her I am so sorry.. hugs to you all girls... I. am. so. sorry...