Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Slight

How 'bout those Lady Bulldogs!!! Just read in this morning's paper that this varsity team, coached by Duane Ward and Will Love, clinched their league title with a win in Moscow last night.

We missed having Willie with us for dinner last night at Second Avenue, and his night of sleep was pretty brief as they're already on the road taking Swiss Miss to the airport.

Still, I think he's probably able to conjure up a little joy this morning. The Bulldogs have one more game before their district tournament, which will determine if they can move on to State.  Congratulations, team and coaches.  Well done!

Seeing this on Facebook this morning was a pleasant surprise for all who love Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  We all share in the Schoonovers' pride in making the cover of this year's Idaho Adventure Guide.

Now, I have to go outside and tell Lily that the horse she quarreled with briefly on a wonderful September, 2014 trail ride with Janice Schoonover made the Idaho spotlight.

That would be the lead horse, ridden by Janice's son Isaac.  Janice invited me that day so we could ride our leopard Appaloosas together, and at one point while a photo was being taken, the two demonstrated a little disdain for each other.

Congratulations to Western Pleasure.  A truly beautiful picture. 

I call this photo and the two below the "Family Gets into the 12th Man Act" collection.  I'm sure there were thousands of similar scenes throughout the Northwest work places yesterday, but I chose these because there's a cousin, a niece and a daughter in this collection.

That No. 12---she's known as Lindsay, and her mom is my first cousin Loretta from Ephrata.  In the second photo, the lady on the extreme right is my niece Maureen, daughter of my brother Mike and his wife Mary.  And, Miss Annie "Two Thumbs Up" Love can be found in the bottom photo of Groundspeak employees.  

All this Seattle pride is fun for all Seahawk fans and probably a lot of others who've jumped aboard the band wagon of late.  Here we thought we had the "12th Dog," and there's that Brian with another.  

And, what a sports weekend this is!  Zags meet Memphis tonight in what should be one of their major challenges of the season.  We're looking forward to a great game, hopefully with a favorable outcome.

And, so it goes----that's about it on this Saturday except for one more celebration: January has ended for another year!  Robins have been flitting around here for a few days, and we can smell spring.  

Happy Saturday. GO ZAGS!

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