Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bye, January

Artwork of Edward Hopper on my 2016 cherished gift calendar from a dear friend. 

My least favorite month has come to an end for yet another year.  I'm grateful, but my sentiment really has little to do with the fact that my least favorite month is almost over. 

In fact, there's much more appreciation for all the reasons that hating January CAN top my list of problems. 

It's really a pretty minimal concern---this annual disdain for the first of our new year's dozen months---in the grand scheme of things. 

Actually, life for me, even during January, isn't all that bad, especially when I think of situations in this world that could be a whole lot worse than what I experience. 

A quick inventory of the good and the great things in my life reminds me that my problems are relatively inconsequential, for I am blessed with home, family, animals, comforts, lovely surroundings, oodles of friends.  

It's all good, but there's also the consideration of relativity.

What's bugging us on any given day is usually a big thing to us on that given day.  It's central in our lives, and whatever the problem---perceived or real---- it forms an obstacle we must conquer in order to achieve the level of happiness which we perceive to be important. 

This 2016 January has had it share of obstacles, with outside weather conditions and the responsibilities of the new pup often keeping me inside a lot more than my moods can handle. 

The best part on today, however, is the feeling of satisfaction that I've weathered the storms both internal and external and that the future is looking good for when that calendar turns to a brand new month tomorrow.

At the end of January, our pup is getting to spend more time outside.  He can go to the dog run or to his kennel, which means I can once again go for my daily walks without worrying about his safety.  And, for me, that's a healthy and essential option. 

Also, Bill has finally taken the step to cut back on his work schedule, and, believe it or not, we've actually done okay occupying our house at the same time for more hours than usual this past week.  

It's been fun to watch him adjust to all extra time spent at home; plus, it's been enjoyable to have more conversation during the day----of the human kind. 

As he gets into the retirement groove, I'm actually reliving some of the adjustments I made 14 years ago during the months after my own retirement----especially figuring out just what to do with that unscheduled time.  The best thing: it's ours to choose as we wish. 

I've told Bill about coffee-cult possibilities with men like him who have time on their hands, and I've started a list of "honey do's" for him to attend to now that he's spending more time on the home front.  I have a feeling the shop will eventually become his man cave. 

The best part is that we haven't really gotten on each other's nerves that much. 

For us to do this well with Bill's transition into retirement DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY bodes well for the future.  I think we'll do okay with what is fast becoming our new normal. 

So, having January ending opens the door in my mind to a better month, a shorter month, a month closer to spring, a month where seeds are sown and foundations are laid for the many months ahead when we once again go into high gear, wondering if there are enough hours in the day to achieve the "to do's" that must be done. 

In essence, when January ends for me, it signals a time to close the hibernation door of winter blahs where we've had maybe too much slack time on our hands, providing us more opportunities to think about the miseries putting a damper on our daily moods. 

So, with tomorrow, new doors open, and the "busyness" will rev up substantially, and eventually I'll probably be longing for some of those long hours of couch potato boredom. 

Yup, it's all relative. 

Enjoy the day and the fond farewell.  Happy Sunday. 

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