Saturday, January 09, 2016

Saturday Slightings

I thought this was certainly a "snow bird," and that he/she had probably left town, but when the craziness of Christmas died down and the snow quit falling, I saw it fly from the bird feeder to a nearby tree.

This avian expatriate has decided to stay, at least for the winter, here at the Lovestead, and I couldn't be happier. 

Since October, this Brown Thrasher, has been living far from its native habitat ( Central and Southern Canada or the Central and Eastern United States.  I've learned that it is the state bird of Georgia.

For now, this one is the celebrity bird of the Lovestead, and who knows how long it plans to hang around.  

One of Sandpoint's bird experts, Rich DelCarlo, came over for another visit yesterday. 

Unlike his previous visits, when he saw basically a blur of the bird as it quickly flew off, Rich had all the time he needed to watch and listen to the bird as it bounced from branch to branch in one of the large flower beds in our southwest yard. 

Watching through his binoculars, he noted the bird's elegant features.  And, with my new pocket camera with the nice telephoto, I felt very fortunate to catch the image above.

"He's gotten used to you," Rich said.  That is, oh so true.  I see the bird several times a day, and it has even ventured over to the feeders outside our living room window. 

As far as I'm concerned, "Brownie" can hang around here forever.  

Our birds and a squirrel have kept us entertained throughout this snow period, and yesterday, an eagle flying over caught Foster's eye.  Since he first moved here, Foster has thought he needed to chase the crows.  

That has had my heart in my mouth a few times because a mini-Aussie so focused on crows flying whatever direction---including the road---can turn scary.  

Well, Foster must have mistaken the eagle for a crow, and my neighbor Colleen and I, while standing in the driveway, at first thought the big bird was a heron, but then we noticed, those were not long legs dangling.  The eagle had found some kind of a long branch or stick and was carrying it off to somewhere. 

I think when my bird watching dog figured out the species, he decided to let the eagle do its thing and come back.  Fortunately, the eagle was flying westward and not toward the road. 

In other news, I have a friend who sends me Border Collie You Tube videos.  Last night when she sent one where the Border Collie is removing hay from the back of a truck, she apologized for the regularity of these postings on my Facebook wall. 

I don't mind a bit, and it seems a lot of other Facebook friends enjoy them too.  This morning I found another, which I could not resist.  

So, I'm leaving you with this very cleverly produced upclose look at what goes on inside a Border Collie owner's house when the occupants are not home.  

And, for all criminals out there, let it be a warning:  if you see a sign in a driveway like the one we have----just after the "Wolf Crossing" sign at the end of our driveway----which indicates a "Border Collie crossing," you'd better head to greener pastures to do your thievery.  

Otherwise, you may need to go to the hospital before you go to jail. 

Happy Saturday.  Go ZAGS.  Enjoy the video.  

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Definitely a dog's world out there.
Do you have any friends who are not
into pups?
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