Thursday, February 25, 2016

Border Collies R Us

Meet the Arthurs:  Jim, Ben on log, Peg sniffing below, and Dorothy.  The Arthurs family of dogs and peeps came visiting at the Lovestead yesterday.

They also came bearing a gift for one of their Border Collie hosts, Liam, the Graduate. 

Last night, Liam, the Graduate, very much appreciated the brand new chew toy, since Mom had finally thrown what was left of his previous rope chew into the stove.

Ben Arthurs wanted equal treatment for pups, so he very quickly acted like he really liked Mom Love.  

It was soon apparent that Mom Love was really not that attractive to Ben. Instead, Ben was taking a real liking to that bag of treats she had hitched to her side, much like a six shooter. 

Ben knows a good treat bag when he sees one. 

The purpose of the Arthur family visit to the Love family at-home party was for Liam and Ben to get acquainted.  

So, with Foster and Kiwi, hidden away whining and protesting in their garage, Jim and Dorothy unloaded Peg and Ben from their vehicle.  

Out of the house came Bill and Liam on leash.  

To say Liam is exuberant when meeting other pups would be an understatement.  Mom Love has the sore left arm muscles from holding Liam back during puppy obedience class to prove it.

Well, when Liam first met Ben, the little visitor who's a month or so younger than Liam wondered what the heck his parents had done to him, thrusting him into this new relationship.   

After a few frantic expressions, however, Ben's eyes and his sharp little teeth soon revealed a less timid demeanor.  

Things were tense for a moment or two and suddenly the two new best friends were hobnobbing like long lost friends across the lawn.  

Whining continued in the garage as Peg, Ben, Liam, Jim, Dorothy, Bill and Marianne made their way to the dog run. 

After a few chaotic moments of peeps, specifically Jim, the doctor,  being mummy wrapped with interfering leashes, things settled down.  Dogs played or stole treats from Marianne's side pouch, and peeps talked. 

Soon, Marianne decided that Kiwi and Foster (who's never a hospitable host to other dogs) could leave the garage and come join the fun at the run----only OUTSIDE the fence. 

Last time a pup from the neighborhood came to visit Foster, the little mini who thinks he's a giant, ferocious critter snarled so much that Bodie went home with his mom and never came back again.

Kinda reminds me of one day many years ago when my parents came home from a trip to discover that Laurie's dog Clyde had chewed to smithereens all the ruffles on the newly upholstered furniture in the living room.

Like Foster, Mother, after the hideous discovery in her living room, first stood outside the house and snarled.  The snarl quickly progressed to a ferocious, intimidating roar which could be heard, I'm sure, throughout the neighborhood, especially by two sets of ears who happened to be visiting sister Laurie that day out in the barnyard.

My mother scared them so bad they sneaked through the woods, went home and never came back again.

That's kinda how it is with little Foster. 

Well, yesterday Foster snarled, but it was on the other side of the fence from the visitors and his little big brother Liam. 

So, basically, everyone---dogs and peeps----got along just fine.  

There was one inequity to report. 

In all the wild conversation and snarling, I said something about "he usually doesn't go potty here in the run."  

Well, Dorothy heard the "potty" part, and like any thoughtful guest, made her way over to the fence and started picking up poops with a plastic bag. 

I was amazed.  Nobody ever picks up dog logs with a plastic bag at the Lovestead.  Yes, Marianne does spend a lot of time with the barn pick every day picking up poops to hurl over the fence into the barnyard or pasture, but never with a plastic bag. 

Later, after Foster, Liam and Kiwi returned to the garage and the canine visitors joined us on leash with their parents, Ben stopped to do No. 2.  

That's when Dorothy realized that none of those many piles in the plastic bag belonged to HER dog.  And, I was ready, right there and then, to stop her if she pulled out another plastic bag to pick up HER dog's logs. 

After all, it is a forest, and that's where logs should be, right?

Well, I think Dorothy felt like she'd already done her duty by picking up the Love dogs' duty in the run, so everything was even steven.

We walked through the woods with the fallen God Tree as our destination, always keeping a watchful eye out for invaders.

It was a peaceful walk, and we opened a new chapter in the Lodgepole Society by inducting the Arthurs family next to the fallen tree.  Bill has started adjusting the introduction to the induction ceremony, and we intend to get it refined with each new visitor. 

Border Collie infatuation truly ruled the day, and even a mini Aussie enjoyed himself on the other side of the fence.  

It was a delightful visit from start to finish.  I have a feeling that in the future, Ben, Peg, Liam, Kiwi and even little Foster will get to be good friends, as will Jim, Dorothy, Bill and Marianne.

It's just like that when people love their Border Collies.  

I had to kinda work on my photos taken with the point-and-shoot cuz I'm still not used to all the settings, but they're okay.  


And, of course, on this Thursday, it's a ZAGS day.  Wishing them good luck tonight in San Diego.  Let's make it win No. 22.   GO, ZAGS!!   

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