Friday, February 12, 2016

Count the Cactus . . . Sunny and 82!

We enjoyed a fun visit at Spokane Airport with our longtime friend Becky and some of  her Hawkins family members, who were on our flight to Las Vegas.  They were ultimately bound for Southern California and DISNEYLAND. 

Barbara, Laurie and I arrived at the first stop on our annual sisters' Presidents' Day getaway destination at midnight and got to bed at 2 a.m. Phoenix time. 

We learned on our flight from Las Vegas that it takes at least an extra half hour to push off from the gate when an unfortunate passenger loses his last meal or two all over the seats rather than the barf bag.  

Clean-up time was extensive.  What we don't know is what happens when that passenger steps off the plane.  He never returned. 

Anyway, we arrived at the airport, only to face another delay.  At least 50-60 very tired travelers stood waiting for at least 25 extra minutes on the curb for the rental car shuttle bus. 

Fortunately, when a bus finally came, a second followed, still leaving half a dozen weary souls and suitcases waiting at that curb well after midnight.  

Once on the bus, Barbara, Laurie and I, with no place to sit, got a taste of what it's like for horses to maintain their stance in a trailer as the vehicle stops, goes, winds around curves, etc. 

At least we had to hold tight and pray that we would not fall to the floor for only 15 minutes.  We feel sorry for horses.  

All that said, my sisters and I have traveled from snow country to the land of sun and cacti.

We have a full schedule ahead for the rest of the weekend, and, as you may expect, will be documenting our activities with photographs aplenty.

So, as you read this, some of us may still be snoozing to get ready for our first big day of road trips ahead.  

Rather than filling you in with the itinerary, we'll just keep some suspense and post photos on Facebook and this spot when we have the time. 

So, check back tomorrow.  

In the meantime, even though we had to make a significant sacrifice missing the game, we were thrilled that the ZAGS earned another great win last night. 

Soon, we'll be off to count the cactus and adjust to the desert warmth. .

Happy Friday from sun country. 

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