Saturday, February 06, 2016

Lucky Dog Saturday

Well, the phone just rang.  

"Are ya watching "Lucky Dog?" Linda Aavedal asked from the other end. 

No, I had not remembered that Linda had told me at obedience training about the  7 a.m. Saturday morning show, which could be an entertaining and educational, especially for dog lovers. 

"Turn it on," she said. "Channel 2." 

So, this morning I'm watching the program for the first time and learning about Riley, who was "surrendered" to a shelter for being a supposedly untrainable dog.

And, ya know what?  Liam is lying on the bed next to my computer, and he's watching in between napping.

Liam watches TV more than any dogs we've ever owned.  And, since Liam seems to learn his disciplines without paying much attention at Doggie Obedience class, I"m figuring he may pick up some good tips this morning by watching Riley learn his lessons. 

The trainer on the TV show thinks Riley's a pretty smart dog, and he's looking for a good setting for the young dog's future home. 

He has visited a lady named Lisa who lives with her elderly dad.  Lisa, who likes to go on road trips, is looking for a dog that likes to travel.

Oops, first challenge:  Riley gets car sick, but soon his trainer figures out that a booster seat will help Riley keep his equilibrium.  

So, with that challenge aside, the Brandon, the trainer, starts Riley on agility skills. 

Two thirds of the way through the program, Liam must have gotten bored.  He's left this room and has gone downstairs, maybe to do some more chewing.  We had to stop at Yoke's last night after dinner to buy Liam a new leash.  

I discovered late yesterday afternoon that one part of the leash had been chewed to within a quarter inch of the edge. One more time outside running with his buddies and it was definitely possible that Liam would suddenly be Free Liam.  

We're not quite ready for that yet.  So, he has a brand new blue leash, wider than the first one so I have more time to catch him chewing the leash into two pieces. 

I'll probably be purchasing a new bed for Liam too.  Thankfully he doesn't eat all the stuffing he chomps from the bed. 

Oooh, back to Lucky Dog.  Riley just finished with agility training and received his "dream collar."  He received the collar for being a good dog, not a chewing dog.

Liam's back.  Guess he wants to watch the meeting of Lisa and Riley at Riley's new home.  

Lisa fell in love with him instantly.  Now, Brandon is showing her Riley's talents at the agility training center, and Lisa has completely fallen for Riley. 

The story definitely has a happy ending, which I'm sure happens on all "Lucky Dog" episodes.  Thanks, Linda, for reminding me.

I enjoyed the show, and Liam did, sorta. 

Tomorrow, we'll probably spend part of Super Sunday watching the Puppy Bowl.  This year is the 12th time the show has offered an alternative for folks who don't want to watch football. 

The 2016 Puppy Bowl contestants have been selected, and if you wish to pick your favorite, you can visit the following link:

In other news, relating to humans this morning, I want to send best wishes to my oldest brother Mike and his wife Mary who are celebrating 49 years of marriage today.  Hats off to you two, and enjoy your day. 

I can hear blasting up at Schweitzer where it looks like a great day ahead for skiers and boarders.  

Looking like a great day all the way around AND a long one:  Gonzaga doesn't play until 9 p.m. tonight, so we'll probably have to drink some extra coffee to stay awake long past our bed time.

Happy Saturday.  GO, ZAGS!  

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