Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Slight

Ireland has many magical qualities.  

It's a phenomenally beautiful place, filled with friendly, warm and welcoming people. 

Our horse friends, Marv and Tish Legerway, moved from Bonners Ferry to Dublin recently. 

Tish, who worked with the Border Patrol in Bonners Ferry, has a new assignment with the Port of Dublin. 

In addition, Marv has wasted no time getting his foot in the door with Irish horse lovers, already holding a clinic to share his training  and reining knowledge.

All has gone well for the couple and their two dogs, but with all that Ireland has to offer, there's still a significant void.   

The ZAGS are far, far away, and Marv misses watching them.  

He has found a way, however, to lessen his longing for a good ZAGS game:  enjoy a Guinness while wearing the ZAGS sweatshirt. 

We here at the Lovestead will cheer extra hard tonight for Marv and Tish, and that's especially important with the season's last game in the Kennel.  

The ZAGS take on their perennial nemesis, one of two spoilers for this season's WCC league record.  

St. Mary's has NOT brought back Delllladoodahday or whatever his name is from the NBA, but they do have a formidable squad this year----formidable enough to hand the ZAGS a tough loss earlier this season on the Gaels' home court.

The ZAGS have home court KENNEL advantage tonight, but they're still going to need the ultimate of their individual skills and talents and spirited support from their fans.  

So, for Marv and Tish and to ensure yet another WCC league championship, it's a GO, ZAGS day all day long.  Wear those sweatshirts, pajamas, hats, whatever and send your energy toward Spokane and the big game. 


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