Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let Spring Begin . . . .

I was up at the normal time---well, maybe an hour earlier, but the clock read the same as it does just about every morning: 4:23 a.m.   One morning this past week, my internal morning clock took a vacation, causing me to come alive almost an hour later than usual.

I guess my body knows best when it needs a few more winks than usual. 

This morning, however, I have successfully embraced one of the more difficult mornings of the year and without too many side effects. 

Now, the dogs and horses---they were a little confused, seeing humans out and about an hour earlier than usual. 

Nobody bothers to explain to the critters the "spring forward" concept, so they have appeared a bit off from their usual sync. 

I'm sure they'll adjust, especially when it comes to meals.  Horses and dogs will eat any time the opportunity presents itself.

All that said, it's "Selection Sunday," so we're excited.  I did see one prognostication from ESPN in this morning's Spokesman, suggesting that the ZAGS could possibly play in Spokane, tipping off against Wisconsin.  

That would be pretty neat because Bill found three tickets to Friday and Sunday's March Madness games at the Spokane Arena. 

If by some small miracle, the ZAGS play in Spokane, that would eliminate the problem of attending NCAA games on site and worrying about when or how we could see the ZAGS on TV. 

Maybe it will all work out in the end; whatever the case, we'll figure out some resolutions. 

On another note dealing with the Spokesman, I read two commentaries in this morning's Opinion section and feel both are spot on to many of the views I have about this year's political circus.

Kathleen Parker is one of my favorite columnists because her opinions and the specifics she uses to support them usually reflect most of my observations.  

Though she tends to side with a specific party, she actually reaches beyond the party line, seizing upon common sense, accurate information and generally sound principles when drawing conclusions.  

Such a novel thing these days! 

I also nodded my head through every paragraph while reading Kathryn A. Lee's guest column. Again, the column reflects a Republican viewpoint but also touches on some hard facts worthy of serious consideration. 

It seems that as the process moves on, this Presidential election resembles more of a freak show with each new day. 

I certainly hope that our electorate will eventually decide that each new installment of the ongoing bizarre political plot line, which is providing an infinite storehouse of fodder for satirical favorites like "Saturday Night Live," might keep us entertained but will hardly soothe our souls or make us proud to be Americans in the long run. 

I hear every day how awful everything and how stupid everybody is in this country except for "You Know Who" who knows everything, who has done it all, bought it all, seen it all and will use and say it all, no matter how base or disgusting. 

We need only to look around us in our communities to see through good works, dedicated and caring people and productive enterprises that our country is not exactly falling down the tubes.  One example---yesterday I went to two different stores to find some clipper blades.  

In one case, they didn't have what I needed in stock, so they suggested I go to another store.  Once there I asked an employee for help finding what I needed.  He was very thorough in making sure the blades matched my clippers, even attaching them.

Later, after he put them back in the container for me to take to the counter, I asked if he could just put them on the clippers and give me the package for checkout.  

That's when things got a little complicated.  For some reason, those blades did not want to go back on my clippers. 

He examined every possibility and then called for help.  Three other store employees eventually came to offer some assistance.  Eventually, we all figured it out.  I appreciated all their time and efforts, especially those of Derek and Blanche. 

On almost a daily basis, we can encounter such professionalism and good service on all levels from everyday Americans who make this nation work and make it a proud place to call home.  There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but minimal compared to examples like I experienced yesterday.

In actuality, I firmly believe it's the "boobs in the tube" who are, day by day, creating this dismal image of America and trying to scare the beejeebers out of us so we'll vote for them.  

Enough said.  I'm disgusted.  I could go on and on but will leave time for readers to absorb the thoughts of Kathleen Parker and Kathryn Lee to draw their own conclusions. 

Besides, at least there's an escape to be had from this disturbing insanity, at least temporarily----March Madness of the good kind.

Happy Sunday.  GO, ZAGS! 

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