Monday, March 28, 2016

Out and About on Easter Weekend.

Since Bill was heading to Moscow and taking Annie to the airport yesterday, we had to skip our usual Easter picnic near Boundary Creek.  Plus, it rained all day.

The rain did not stop Barbara, Laurie, Maryann and me from hopping into the car and enjoying a nice rainy day sight-seeing trip and gabfest. 

We went over to Hope on the old highway and then took a short trip up the Spring Creek Road (same one where Viggo lives).  We turned around at the old Clark Fork Fish Hatchery and did catch a few raindrops while snapping some photos.  

It wasn't the best of days for photography, but it was okay, especially because we got out of our respective houses. 

On Saturday, the Love family took off on a hike to Sherwood Forest near Dover, actually never really entering Sherwood Forest because there's quite a hike to its entrance.  

Of course, geocaching inspired the hike, and after finding a couple of caches, Annie suggested that we'd catch the rest of the caches on another day.

After all, she had already taken Foster for a 4-mile hike across Lake Pend Oreille, while Willie and Debbie had already taken their dogs to the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge for a morning hike. 

What we saw of the trail leading to Sherwood Forest was very nice, and we did encounter several mountain bikers who give the trail a lot of use. 

In between all that, we ate and watched basketball games.  On this Monday morning, Debbie is the only one of us whose favorite team (North Carolina) has made it to the Final Four.  

My sister Barbara now likes a lot of these teams, especially those who've made it to Final Four (never mind that Syracuse beat Gonzaga), but Barbara is back to leading the bracketology pool, so she has different motives than the usual ZAGS stuff.

After returning from dinner last night, I noticed Mama and Baby Moose casually strolling through the southeast portion of our place very near the front lawn. 

Well, over the next few minutes, they strolled even closer.  I did keep my distance but still tried to get as close as safely possible for some low light dusk photos. 

Mama and Baby decided our Love Canal area would be a good place to bed down for the night.  So, they did.  

That would have been fine except their bedding-down area is precisely where Foster likes to go to do his business.  So, that meant leading each dog out one by one on leash for their pre-bedtime potty needs.  Knowing Foster, he would have snarled at those moose and tried to scare them off and probably not without consequence. 

It was a relief to discover that when I put leashes on each of the doggies and led them outside into moose-safe zones, they pretty much knew what I wanted and did their business quickly, both last night and this morning.

When daylight came, the moose had gone.  I've seen them in that area before, so I think we'll probably have to keep a close watch on their nighty night habits. 

Sometime in the middle of the night an Amtrak train stopped at the Sandpoint Depot.  On that train was a family of four who came to Sandpoint from Chicago.  They're part of our clan on my mother's side of the family, so we'll be seeing them a few times during the next few days. 

The weather is supposed to improve, which means they'll probably get a chance to really enjoy their visit here. 

Before seeing them, however, Liam and I have a date with the Center Valley Veterinary Hospital where he'll stay the day for his little-boy surgery.  Right now he's resting quietly and unaware on the bed near the computer with an empty stomach, no less. 

Maybe when he comes home this afternoon that first meal will help him forget the pain. If not, it's gonna be just as painful for me. 

Lots going on this Monday after Easter.  Hope everyone has a great day. 

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