Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Puppies R Us and Stuff

Just goin' with the flow.  This is National Puppy Day, so I'm taking part.  I don't know what else I'm supposed to do besides post yet another photo of our beloved Liam. 

So, there ya are:  Liam taking it easy on the bed next to my computer.  

I don't think he knows it's National Puppy Day, just like he doesn't know that on Monday he's losing his manhood.  Please don't tell him! 

Liam knows a lot of other stuff, though, and except the challenges of making sure he's safe while playing in the area around the house, we're pretty pleased with our beloved pup.  

This morning I'm just as pleased with my greenhouse.  Yesterday's discovery that the cucumbers are poking up through the potting soil meant that everything I've planted so far this spring has come up.

A friend asked me several weeks ago if I would start out some heirloom tomatoes for her. She bought the seed and handed it over.  Shortly thereafter, I planted her seed and waited and waited and waited . . . .

I even brought the tray of pots to the house, hoping that even warmer conditions would help those tomatoes get started.

Nothing came, so I decided that if no plants appeared by a certain day, I would go buy some more seed (without her knowledge, of course).  

Well, I couldn't find the exact seed variety at one store, but it looked close enough, so I purchased the pak and brought it home. It sat while I was doing other projects. 

On another trip to town to another store a few days later, I saw the specific kind of heirloom seed and purchased that package.

This time I wasted no time popping the correct seed into pots, leaving the tray inside for the warmth. 

About two days after I planted the new seed in the inside pots, out in the greenhouse little green leaves started popping up in the original tray, which I had taken back outside. 

So, I've got about 40-plus starts of those heirloom tomatoes and a packet of seeds to boot. Add to that a tray filled with pots of my own tomatoes.

Come May I could have a few extra 'mater plants to give away.  This is just another typical example of the Marianne approach to the day-to-day stuff of life. 

If nothing else, it makes life interesting.  

Speaking of interesting, where did they find all those Democrats in Idaho?  Did the same thing happen that happened to me with the seed packets?

Seems there are Democrats all over the place in our historically-since-creation RED state.  
I think there's some strategizing going on.  

I hope those newly minted Democrats who have probably never voted Republican all get involved in some of the local races too, and I hope they do it soon before all progress that has been achieved over the decades in this state goes down the tubes.

I can feel my blood pressure rising, so I'd better get back to celebrating this day honoring Mr. Liam, who is over there on the bed looking at me with his loving brown eyes.

Amazing what a cute puppy can do for one's mental well being. 

Happy Wednesday.  Happy Puppy Day to all puppies and their proud owners. 

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