Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Irish Memories

Always special day.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.  Since this great holiday lands on the what has been deemed Throwback Thursday, I don't mind a bit, sharing a few Throwback photos today. 

Both sides of my family have Irish roots.  On my real father's side, the small, almost forgotten village of Ballyhahill, so forgotten its letters are missing from one of the signs at its entrance.

My daughter Annie and I stopped there briefly in 2011 and did the obligatory photo, which I'm sure a few cousins have done too. 

The rest of the photos were taken when Bill, Willie, Debbie, Annie, Bill's sister Margaret and I visited in 2014. 

Just like the first experience, the journey was magical, and on that trip, I was thrilled to take some of my mother's Western greeting cards to the town of Buncrana in County Donegal from whence her family came. 

It was an emotional and wonderful experience to meet several staff members and students at Scoil Mhuire where the cards will remain. 

We, as a family, all share deep feelings about our Irish heritage and the beautiful land from which we came.  And, we definitely plan to return some day soon. 

Enjoy the photos.  Enjoy the day, and do enjoy the ZAGS game tonight:  Aontaithe Taimid ZAG, translated United We ZAG, and, of course, THAT, ZAGS! aka GO, ZAGS!

Top of the morning to ya!

Two sets of Loves at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. 

At the River Liffey in Dublin

Bill and his sister Margaret in the town of their ancestry Drogheda, north of Dublin. 

A most fun experience when Debbie and I took a cart ride near Killarney to go meet Annie who was hiking.  Our driver:  one of the two Patrick O'Sullivan's we met. 

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. 

Frosting on the cake for making Ireland truly magical:  Dark Hedges near Ballymony. 

At Scoil Mhuire in Buncrana with Mother's card.  Sara O'Dwyer, now a senior at the school, served as our hostess with the mostess. 

For the Austin's I happen to know.

Twas a sad day in Connemara when we had to say good by to Willie and Debbie so they could fly home to attend a journalism conference in San Diego. 

Fun on the Shannon Ferry. 
His name is Patrick O'Sullivan, but he will always be Cousin Patrick to us.  He spent a lot of time hosting us in Killarney, and he arranged a fly fishing experience for Bill and Willie on Willie's 37th birthday.  Cousin Patrick has a cousin in Sandpoint named Peg O'Sullivan.  

A good Irish friend, Cass Foley.  We saw her on both trips, first when she arranged a beach ride for us in Tralee and later in Killarney where she runs a stable.  Great and fun lady. 

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