Monday, April 04, 2016

Happy Monday

Some trees just have kid charm.  Seems like our Scotch pine in the front yard puts out silent but alluring vibes to virtually every youngster who comes to visit the Lovestead. 

For the second time in less than a week, the tree spoke and kids climbed.  

Yesterday, we met these three siblings for the first time when a former student Melissa and her family came for a visit. 

Besides petting horse noses and getting acquainted with the Border Collie Nation Plus One, Melissa and Steve's children, Ryder, Cassidy and Sailor, formed an instant bond with the scotch pine while the adults visited. 

Twas another lovely day.  I put out my pansies, which have bounced back from dormancy over the past month inside the greenhouse, and I transplanted some lettuce in the garden around the dog kennel. 

Later in the day, after eating too much lasagna and Hersheys cream pie, I jumped on my bike and took a lovely evening ride down Woodside Road near the Selle Valley Carden School pictured below.  

Fields are definitely greening up, standing water is gradually disappearing, tree buds are popping and our big shrub next to the driveway is alive with yellow blossoms. 

With this being the Monday of Spring Break, Willie did not have to ask twice for his dad to join him on a fishing trip over on the Thompson River today. 

We have a little rain, but it's not supposed to last long, and by Thursday we'll have temps up to 75.  Should be good growing and greening weather. 

Happy Monday. 

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