Friday, April 15, 2016

It's a Good Wash

We've come clean after another drenching rainstorm.  Next!  A week of suns and 70s. I like it but hope the spring and summer don't turn out like last year's never-ending heat wave. 

For North Idaho, it was a heat wave that lasted for several months.  

The nice part, at least, is that this spring there's still a snow pack to keep the valley grasses from drying up too fast. 

Anyway, I went looking for pretty sights along the Peaceful Valley Road northwest of Naples yesterday after finishing some in-house domestic stuff like baking bread.  

As I drove through Peaceful Valley area, the rain kept getting in the way because it refused to stop and kept sending droplets to my camera.

Occasionally, though, I outwitted the rain and managed to take a few pictures.  I also continued down a road untraveled (for me), ending up near the Moravia Cemetery (spelled 'cemetary' at the gate).  

That was a first.  I'd never seen the Moravia Cemetery.  I might go back on a nice day for a closer look.  It's much larger than I expected for that small rural community along Deep Creek and not far from the Mirror Lake Golf Course.

Some cemetery information can be found at this link

The names most familiar to me were Ote Cox and James Henry Eskridge.  Seems I know a few descendants of both, like my friends Karen (Arndt Kruse) and George Eskridge.

I also took drove a short loop in Paradise Valley on the other side of HWY 95, but the rain remained relentless, so no photos.

Still, it was a fun trip, especially driving through new territory for me.  It's always amazing how many charming rural pockets remain yet to be explored in an area where I've lived my entire life.  

Don't know if I'll ever get down all the back roads around here, but that goal will certainly keep life exciting. This time of the year is the best for such excursions, especially with the natural colors coming alive and the field art unique to each area. 

With the sun coming back, we'll get back to the projects around here that might make our place an appealing site for someone else out exploring the neighborhoods. 

It's a great hobby, especially on rainy days, and, like yesterday, when some fresh-baked bread and homemade jelly awaits at home on the kitchen counter to top off the day, that's pretty cool.

Happy Friday.  

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