Sunday, April 17, 2016

Just Neighborhood Foto Fun

Slow, slow Internet this morning.  Seems to be taking forever for my photos to download.  My sister has been complaining out this too.  Our provider is HughesNet, and I’m hoping that this is not the new normal.

This is the first time I’ve experienced the slow downloading of photos for quite some time, so I’ll give ‘em a pass today.

Again, another glorious spring day awaits.  Yesterday around here was lawn mowing and garden fence day.  Bill has most of the fence framed in, and soon we’ll be seeing the part that actually (we hope) keeps the deer out---the woven wire.

The fence, along with those new planter boxes, is adding an attractive touch to the back yard.  And, this morning with the lawn completely mowed, everything outside looks gorgileous.  Wish we could stop it in time and extend the pure enjoyment of visual delight.

The visual delight extends just about anywhere one wants to go in our general area.

Yesterday, I took my camera with me when I went to get lawnmower gas at the Samuels Store, and, as expected, the lake behind the store and the Selkirks were beautiful.

Last night’s short drive around Selle netted some more nice scenes, especially in the Finney field and the old grange, which doubles as “range” for curious baby calves in the field surrounding the building.

This morning’s walk down Selle Road was lovely, as were the scenes along the roadway.

 Can’t beat this place during this time of year when the sun is shining, birdies are singing or “pecking” delicious wood on trees or poles, and, of course, the deer are watching.

I never use a certain word, often leave it to the more “learned” types, but I would assess this time in Selle by stating that all is copasetic!  And, that is good!

Happy Sunday.

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