Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Springtime Moments

A bike ride, an evening visit with a neighbor and wow!  I saw this scene while leaving my friend's house for home. 

As I pedaled my pink bike, its matching pink scene above Schweitzer intensified.  Soon, I stopped pedaling and pulled out my camera. 

A month ago, I would have been curled up on the couch at 7:15 watching TV or nodding off while watching TV. 

Amazing how extra light in the spring changes our habits. 

Also amazing what light can do to catch our attention.  

Sunlight shining behind this daffodil near the road attracted my eye this morning.  For a brief time, this was not just another yellow spring flower.  Its radiance was breath taking.  Later in the day it will go back to just another daffodil.

Of course, saying that is a disservice to daffodils anywhere.  They serve as glorious beacons of spring, even when they're popping up in pastures like those I see over at the Finny place just west of the old Selle grange. 

And, then there's fat Festus who hid the other day when kids came to visit.  I think Festus had seen all the kids he wanted to see last week so he was keeping a low profile on Sunday.  

This morning, however, with no visiting kids, he was quite happy to sun himself in front of the flower pots. 

Here at the Lovestead, cool-weather plants are going outside each day, providing even more color enliven our senses.  This pretty pink display on the deck will eventually be just one facet of the floral show to come. 

For now, it gets plenty of attention from anyone walking through the driveway. 

Can ya tell, I'm in the height of my bliss these days.  Sun. Flowers. Green grass. Dryer ground for walking and biking. Every day something new to admire outside. 

It's a good time. 

That's all.  Happy Wednesday.  

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