Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reflections of Life and Dog Diets

Around and around I went for the afternoon, sitting on my lawnmower, hoping one big black cloud after another would not float over and drop their loads. 

None did. 

The day epitomized the beauty of the earth in late spring after a good wash down: generally blue skies accented with clouds, a fresh smell to the air, lawn space littered with remnants of blossoms past and flower spots teeming with with the latest oncoming cycle of vibrant spring colors. 

Many moments spent during that four-hour, mostly blissful mowing session involved simply beholding and appreciating the bounties of nature and of life itself. That's what I love about lawn mowing. 

Several times during the morning hours, I peeked into Facebook to see the latest photos posted by Annie, who has, already this morning reached her evening destination after her first day of "challenging" hiking.  

Just a few minutes ago, she posted some breath-taking photos of today's experience.  

What beauty she has seen and chronicled with her cell phone since leaving Seattle Sunday afternoon----the City of Light which eventually brightened up significantly from the gloomy rain storm that first greeted her, a rural French village near the Spanish border with flowers and history aplenty and alive with hundreds of other Pilgrims with their backpacks and walking sticks from all over the world, like Annie bound for the Camino. 

Meanwhile, back in Idaho, a small portion of my day involved a brief visit to a neighbor's home where one of their beloved family members has passed on all too soon----another reminder of the precious nature of every day we live on this earth.  

I spent a portion of my morning plucking away at tiny weeds set on squeezing out the intended inhabitants which are now thriving above the ground in my new "raised beds."  

At one time, as Bill walked by, I commented about how the new ease of weeding while standing up has truly added to the soulful nature of gardening.  

All in all, it was a good day, filled with reminders about this life, what it offers, what it takes away, what it provides us and how it keeps us looking toward the "next thing."

Yeah, generally, this morning my reflections from yesterday's poignant and beautiful day were reminding me of that classic Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life, especially living on a beautiful farm in a lovely neighborhood surrounded by so much of what I love. 

Then, it happened. 

Woeful words uttered from below by Bill, as I was typing.  Until that moment, I wasn't aware that Bill had left the living room and gone to the bathroom downstairs. 

Liam was. 

Just like Mike, Kevin and Marianne of yesteryear, when the adults were gone, things happened.  

During Bill's absence to the bathroom and my safe distance away and totally out of view upstairs, young Liam took another page from our book----well, not quite literally----instead, he took another corner and a big pile of innards from yet another couch cushion. 

This morning my reaction wasn't so calm as the first time.  This morning my mother and her fiery ways came back into my being----just like the day little Clyde ate all the ruffles from her newly upholstered furniture.

Irish temper let loose with big and bad words as Liam raced to safety under the dining room table. 

I'm finally calming down after attempting to sew up this very unruly "dog-ate-it" living-room destruction, which was not nearly so neat and tidy as the last couch appetizer. Thank God, for couch covers. 

The second time such things happen, we can speak relatively, and, with that in mind, it's important to point out that I did not consider the first most unkindest doggie bite "neat and tidy" at the time. 

But it's now relative. Liam's chewing skills could use a little precision. 

And, now as I reflect with Liam safely confined to his prison cell out there in the outside kennel, all I can say is "that's life": definitely a daily mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Happy Wednesday.  Annie will soon post on her blog about today's Camino start. 

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