Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Turists" on Canada Day Trip

Bill and I used our passports yesterday and traveled to Canada.  Bill said I should have told family members that we were headed to Canada, looking for property. 

Well, we saw plenty of property but have made no offers just yet, even after hearing the name "Trump" uttered a couple of times at the border crossing.  

Beyond that, we were successful in pulling off a temporary escape from that Trumpwellion logorrhea that dominates the American air waves.  

Instead, we heard about environmental problems in British Columbia and a bill regarding physician-assisted dying being debated yesterday afternoon in the Canadian Parliament. 

Most of our day, however, was spent enjoying gorgeous scenery and some fun stops at the 103-year old Gray Creek Store where the clerk Rose is a walking local history book and at a peaceful little former mining town called Riondel where we met a nice lady walking her beautiful dogs and found the campground from Heaven. 

The lady with the dogs had grown up in Kimberley, B.C.   So, we mentioned Schweitzer's first ski area manager Sam Wormington, who came to Sandpoint from Kimberley.  Turns out this lady's dad and Sam always marched side-by-side in the veterans' contingent in the Kimberley parades.  

After swapping various Sam stories and talking horses and ranch dogs, we went on our way to check out the campground.  We vowed to come back sometime when the "turists" aren't so thick and stay at the campground. 

It was a great getaway, and since Bill used an American $20 bill to buy his favorite Macintosh caramels, he says we have to go back so he can spend that $17 dollars in Canadian currency, which he received for change. 

Now, it's time to get back to work with a lawn sadly in need of mowing and a whole lot of plants to water. 

Happy Tuesday. 

When a store is 103 years old, one can see an interesting blend of the old and the relatively new.  I was tempted to turn on the faucet to see if I could wash the garbage. 

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