Monday, May 09, 2016

Weekend Wrap

Twas a weekend filled with wonderful memories and reminders of special bonds, some family, some horse, some dog, some nature, some good friends.  

When all those blend in a lovely way, one cannot help but savor each meaningful moment and feel blessed. 

A new, adorable member joined the extended family fold, old doggie friends reunited in a frolicking good time, even pretty horses from the same Montana family origin sniffed noses, another magnificent horse wrote the first chapter of yet another racing story by winning the Kentucky Derby.

Mother's Day reminded me of everlasting love for my mother and my deep love for the precious trio of Willie, Annie and Debbie.  

I did not get to see Annie, but I thought of her every time I checked my Fitbit (must have been a hundred times before inadvertently turning it off).

Willie spent part of his day toiling in the kitchen preparing the annual Mother's Day feast of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and a very tasty cobbler.  Debbie made sure to bring the wine along with a beautiful pastel pink rose bush. 

Bill suggested that we go for a short drive while Willie toiled.  So, we headed up Trail Creek Road near Naples and, after dousing ourselves with mosquito repellent, walked the trail down to a gushing North Fork of Grouse Creek. 

After our short hike and before leaving the parking lot, complete with horse corrals and outdoor john, we met a nice couple who had moved to the area last fall.  They're horsey folks from the Sierras, and Bill realized that he had actually seen the husband on the river last fall during one of his Moyie fishing trips. 

Yes, the weekend was magnificent, and today we have a drenching rain which has come to refresh the fields and the gardens before the next round of summer like days returns starting Wednesday.  

And, another busy week lies ahead, culminated by an Annie visit, which will be interrupted a bit for Bill and me as we attend "Prairie Home Companion" Saturday in Spokane.  

Annie will probably find plenty to do in our absence as she meets Little Joe and reconnects for some fun with the other members of the Border Collie Nation Plus One. 

Good times. Happy Monday.  

Oh, and, one more thing, if you're a student at Sandpoint High School, you can be smart and vote for River in the upcoming election.  She has a well organized campaign, thanks to her enthusiastic team of supporters. 

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