Friday, June 10, 2016

A Day of Sweet Country Blend

There are times when I feel like the luckiest gal on Earth---next to my daughter Annie, of course.  (She has singing nuns from Spain on her blog today

I feel these powerful blessings on days like yesterday when I have the opportunity to participate in the purest forms of perfection that we humans can experience:  traditions, love, friendship, wisdom, pride, learning, sharing, etc. --- all within beautiful rural settings. 

In my mind, life doesn't get any better than enjoying a day with the young and the old, taking in what's important at those respective times of their lives. 

Words can hardly describe the positive and hopeful energy I felt watching the blend of youth and their "more seasoned" counterparts, all engaged in different activities at Selle Valley Carden School and historic Oden Hall but definitely sharing the tried and true values that make life on this Earth so special. 

Days like yesterday and the people involved give me oodles more hope than any politician ever could!

So, let the photos tell the story of a close to perfect day for me yesterday.  Thanks to the longtime homemakers and the precious young people who made my day one for the memory books.  

Love you all!  And, the rhubarb coffee cake was delectable, Cherry!

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