Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday Stream of Consciousness

Sun is shining . . . birds are singing . . . . "NO," heard downstairs---what's Liam up to now down there? . . . horses are grazing happily in the pasture, both with shoes on . . . I rode Lefty for the first time this year yesterday . . . Mariners won a big one last night . . . how many times has a major league baseball team come back from a 12-2 deficit to win big 16-13? . . . So impressive . . . count Ireland out on my places to visit for a while . . . I just read that Donald Trump is bestowing HIS presence upon the Irish people or at least among the minions working in his hotel there later this month. This comes from his numerous morning Tweets:  "After , I will visit in Ireland, the magnificent resort fronting on the Atlantic Ocean . . . in the good news category, 'twas nice to read that the young Sandpoint man who was severely injured by a hit-and-run earlier this year is making an amazing recovery . . . before learning about the donald's upcoming visit to Ireland, Irish eyes were smiling yesterday at the Pack River General store as our friend Delores aka Dee told us about her recent visit to the Emerald Isle with her daughters and granddaughter . . .thanks for the Irish tunes, Dee . . .let's hope the resilient country bounces back from Dhrump like it always has in its history . . . have I mentioned before how fabulous the Pack River General Store chicken caesar wrap is?  If not, drive out there and give it a try . . . I was saddened this morning to read that Garrison Keillor of "Prairie Home Companion," who's planning to retire July 1, is dealing with the effects of a brain seizure suffered this past weekend . . . according to the report, he is medicated and planning to see that the show goes on at a performance in Atlanta this weekend . . . talk about the irony of two Minneapolis legends . . . Prince performed in Atlanta before he died  . . . I pray that Mr. Keillor has a better outcome with his medical problems if he goes to Atlanta this weekend . . .  in other news on this first Friday morning in June, I am hoping we've gotten past the gorilla talk by today . . . one of my Facebook friends pointed out a day or so ago,in the heat of all the "gorilla/parenting know-it-all assumptions," that these days we're so fortunate to have a Court of Internet passing infinite, uninformed judgments on each new outrage . . . I'm rather amazed that those parents of the boy who fell in the moat and who may or may not have experienced a moment of distraction have dealt with much more relentless scrutiny in the past few days than Dhrump has in the past year . . . this situation takes me back to a moment about 38 years ago during this time of year when school was out, the grass in the fields around our house was tall and little Willie suddenly disappeared from the yard . . . will never forget the frenetic moments that followed as I first raced down the driveway to make sure he was not on the road or near the railroad track . . . eventually he appeared, unconcerned and safe, walking in the field south of the house . . . yup, I was probably like those parents at the zoo . . . attending to something inside the house, thinking he was just fine in the yard . . . fortunately my oversight that day did not make the 24-7 news cycle . . . as for the tall grass of this time of year?  A bunch of it has been mowed in the Taylor's field across the road from us . . . I do not remember a time in my entire ancient life when hay was mowed in this area on May 31 . . . I've also heard that other farmers have started their haying also . . . hoping it all works out for them in spite of yesterday's rain . . . I think this Friday is the last for students in the 2015-16 school year . . . summer vacation is soon to come, which means the traffic down our road will change . . . no school buses . . . more horse trailers, lotsa farm equipment . . .and with that, enough drivel for this day . . . must be Liam is taking a nap cuz I haven't heard "NO!" since that first sentence above.  Good Liam! Happy Friday. 

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