Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Little Joe and Friends

I drove over to my sisters' to get some old photos of our dad for a blog about Appaloosas coordinated by Giuseppe from Italy.  Our friends from Australia who visited here a few years ago gave us a heads-up on the blog.  

Giuseppe is putting up some interesting stuff about Appaloosas around the world, including stories about history of the breed.  The posting we saw featured Toby I, Harold's Appaloosa stallion. 

I sent Giuseppe another story about Harold and Toby, and naturally he wanted photos.  So, now he has the photos.  It is always so neat to learn of yet another Appaloosa lover in yet another country who appreciates the history that Harold and Toby created back in 1948. 

Anyway, before looking for photos, the three teachers  (Willie, Barbara and Laurie) who had endured a hot day in classrooms with no air conditioning and three dogs (Joe, Brooke and Todd---my grandpuppies) were hanging out in the shade near the barn.  

So, I had a great time capturing some new photos of Joe, who's at a bit of a gangly stage but cute and assertive as ever.  It seems that his brother and sister are resigned to the fact that Little Joe is not going away. 

Joe is a curious sort.  While the older dogs were resting in the shade, Joe wandered around the barn area doing some serious sniffing.  

Meanwhile, when Barbara decided to sit down on the shady hillside, Todd decided she needed a face licking. 

Later, when a big stick appeared, it was fun to watch Brooke and Todd play diversion games with Joe who figured the stick was his.  

Big Sister or Big Brother would snatch the stick, but it wasn't long before Joe snatched it back. 

Seems that Joe has adjusted quite well to life on the Colburn farm, and his big brother and sister are tolerating him just as well. 

Over here on the beastly hot day, I stayed on that lawnmower yesterday afternoon until the last blade of grass was cut.  It makes for a good morning, knowing that I can go outside, admire the beauty of a freshly mowed lawn and go on to other things. 

Other things today, besides watering, will include a few more weeding sessions and fertilizing the last of the sweet potatoes which I planted this morning in manure-pile heaven.  

Posts are up and maybe before the heat comes on, I can attach some woven wire around the posts and feel somewhat sure that critters will stay out of the sweet potatoes, beans and pumpkins this year. 

Just heard from Annie who began walking the Meseta (the endless plain in Spain) today after taking a day off and enjoying a nice hotel room in Burgos.  Her walking partner Eva was interviewed by a German filming crew on their journey today. 

Plus, Annie's flipflops received some attention.  Check that out by checking out today's entry in her blog at https://adventuregirlannie.com/

Annie, Ron (from Netherlands) and Eva from Germany. 

Back home, we have one more day of beastly heat (hotter than yesterday) to endure; then, happily, according to the long-range forecast, our summer will be comparatively cooler than last summer's endless, dry inferno. 

For those of us who "don't do heat," that's good news. 

Happy Tuesday.  Stay cool. Enjoy the photographic moments with Joe and his friends. 

Joe Love from North Idaho, USA

"I love you, Barbara," said Todd while licking my sister's face. 

Big Bro, Little Bro

Brooke performs the Border Collie ear cock. 

"When you're not looking, I'll get the stick," says Big Sister Brooke. 

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