Sunday, June 05, 2016

Summer Ahhhh's and Annie

Just got off the phone (thanks to Whatsapp) from talking to the pilgrim for the first time since she arrived in Spain.  She walked into a larger city today so she'll be taking a one-day break and staying in a hotel for two nights. 

Annie sounds good.  We asked her lots of questions and learned some more specifics about the trip so far.  It has hardly rained.  She has worn her rain jacket only when it's cold.  

The walk for the next two weeks could be fairly monotonous because it's across the relatively flat meseta aka the "plain" supposedly where it mainly rains in Spain.

She told us also about the "pilgrim's meal," which can be ordered at restaurants----three courses, including starting off with a big helping of pasta, then a second course of meat and accessories and then dessert.  Annie says the first and second courses are like two meals each.

While staying at the monastery, she listened to the nuns pray and sing during their daily ritual at 6:30 p.m..  

She also occasionally sees an 80-year-old Austrian hiker who one day practiced one of his jokes in English several times so he could tell it to Annie next time he met her along the way.   She says the Austrian, who is really funny, stays in hotels, which seems wise. 

She also told us she might be starting a trend for the Camino cuz Europeans are just shocked that she walks for hours in those flip flops.  

Annie says changing from the hiking shoes into the flip flops reduces the aches and pains she normally feels after walking for miles in the regular shoes.  

Twas fun quizzing her on several aspects of the adventure. We finally all agreed to end the conversation cuz she has to get to her blog, as did I.  People are waiting for the blog, Annie said.  

Sounds familiar.  Anyway, give her some time before you check on today's entry.  

This is another lovely summer morning, and it's becoming more of an adventure going outside to watch things grow and bloom.

Got my sweet potatoes planted yesterday and have actually found a place to for each of the several sprouts.  

Generally, we're just putzing along enjoying our introduction to summer.  I was amazed yesterday to see the City Beach packed-----usually a sight we don't expect until July. 

Am running later than usual this morning so will just wish all a happy Sunday. 


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