Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Fun and Faces from the Fourth

Fourth of July 2016 is in the books.  I wish the images that we see of our nation's annual birthday party would take up more time and space in the media, as opposed the massive amounts of reports dealing with terror, nasty politics, crime and generally negative behavior. 

I kinda think the current media overkill (no pun intended) misrepresents what's really happening across our country.  

It takes a local parade and other similar events to help us get back in touch with the reality of day-to-day productive, fun-loving and pure American life.

Yes, the Fourth of July is a celebration, but in many cases its local celebratory activities best reflect how much love, dedication, hard work, pride, joy, common respect, patriotism, etc. happens each and every day as we Americans do like Bill told Annie to do on her recent Camino hike---simply put one foot in front of the other.  

While maintaining that one-day-at-a-time routine, Americans also put forth massive amounts of collaborative and individual efforts to steady the ship, make good use of their time, participate and generally make a positive difference in life personally and in the lives of others. 

Yesterday's parade of community potpourri reflected the countless ways we Americans plod along on our daily courses, living life the best way we know how and more than likely doing so much more effectively than the majority of big names or self-declared know-it-alls who sit in positions of leadership. 

Common, ordinary and selfless people through their own initiative make the biggest difference in every aspect of our country's greatness, I do believe. 

Multiply what we see in our community by hundreds of thousands of communities across this land, and it's clearly apparent things are not nearly as bad as the stuff we're fed by news outlets 24-7. 

People in this country are generally good-hearted, generous, hard-working and truly the reason for us to celebrate our country's birthday every year. 

Enjoy the photos, and think of the good works and dedication each individual or group represents in creating happiness and making our community a wonderful place in which to live.  

Twas another good birthday celebration for our nation and for its future.   

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