Friday, July 29, 2016

Liam and Annie: Play Date

Annie Aavedal

Liam Love

Liam here:  Now that you've seen a few pictures from yesterday, I'll do some talking.  

My mom has already made me write a thank you note to Annie Aavedal and her parents, Bob and Linda for inviting me and my parents over for an afternoon "at-home with Annie" visit. 

I've never had to write anything before, so please give me some slack if I make any mistakes.  

I know you've heard about some of my mistakes before---like eating the couches and running down the road in front of cars and digging deep holes in our dog run, so I want to make a good impression this morning. 

Yesterday was my first formal visit with Annie.  I think she's a pretty cute Aussie.  

I met her in doggie obedience class when she was just getting over hiding under chairs, and I was still spending a lot of time under chairs myself. 

It was kinda hard to build a very good relationship with her while I was hiding, but Annie didn't mind.  She still hung out nearby, probably cuz she knew that my mom had treats in her pocket.  

Anyway, it's been a few months since we took that class together, and my shyness has pretty much gone away but not my nervousness while riding in a car. 

I panted a lot and drooled all over the back seat in the car on the way to Annie's, but once we pulled into her driveway, all my nerves went away.  

What a neat place it was with lots of room to run and lots of neat stuff to put my teeth around. 

Annie and I did get into one noisy squabble when she tried to take her bone back.  

Give a dog a bone, they say.  Well, it was there for the taking, and so while I was busy chewing on it in the yard, Annie came over and thought she needed it back.  So, I growled my scariest growl at her.  

My mom immediately barked at me, telling me that it was not nice for guest dogs to snarl at their hostess. 

"Drop it," she told me, and I did.  Soon, Annie's mom came and took the bone and hid it from both of us. 

We played all through our visit----with balls, with frisbees and with each other, racing from spot to spot, including all through the house.  

We got lots of treats too, and I liked that. 

One tiny yap-yap dog on the other side of the fence tried to tell me off, but I just barked really loud back at him.

Once again, though, I heard from my mom's voice from the house.  She told me to "be quiet."  So, I did.  

Annie's parents were pretty amazed at that.  My mom explained that a couple of squirts of water from a spray bottle in the face after telling me "be quiet" taught me right away, to just shut up.  So, I usually do. 

I heard Annie's mom and my mom talking about the possibility of our taking another class together in the fall---either agility or rally.  

I hope that happens cuz I like Annie and her parents, and I'm hoping we'll get to spend a lot of time together in the future just being friends. 

That will be cool. 

I guess that's all I've got to say about my visit with Annie yesterday, except that I thought it turned out to be the perfect "dog day afternoon." 

Now that I've done my assignment, I hope my mom gives me one of those special treats Linda baked and sent home with me.  They are delicious. 

Mom said when I finish this post to say, "Happy Friday."  

So, "Happy Friday" from your Border Collie Nation friend, Liam. 

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