Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Hard to believe it's been three years since that bee stung me just under my ear when I took the call on my cell phone at the horse show announcer's booth and learned that you had passed on.   

What a day you chose---many of your family members were involved in what you loved.

Could be that bee sting was your "good bye."  You always had a mighty direct way of making your feelings known.  

I still chuckle about all the names you had for the nurses at Life Care during your final months, especially Gina whenever she wore her red scrubs and you called her the "devil incarnate." 

They all loved your candor and your humor. 

There was so much to love about you and nowadays so much to miss.  

I miss our visits---well, most of them.  

I miss the delight and awe so evident in you whenever you traveled, when company was coming orwhen you were enjoying a good conversation, especially when it dealt with horses, cats, dogs, art, current affairs or your family. 

So much has happened in all our lives since you left us.  You would be so proud.  Actually, I'm betting that you and your indomitable spirit have played an influential role in most of we've experienced or accomplished over the past three years. 

We were fortunate to have a mother/mom, whom we could truly say was one of a kind.  

We knew you were something special when you were alive but maybe did not appreciate it ALL the time.  We truly know so now and appreciate you every day.

Thanks for being the mother/mom we all love and miss three years later and through eternity.  

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Margaret said...

A beautiful tribute, Marianne!