Friday, July 08, 2016

Three-Dog Night Gone Bad

It was a "three-dog night" at our peaceful rural sanctuary here in the beautiful countryside of Selle. 

After dinner and the evening news, which focused on a disturbing video from Minnesota, Bill and I stood in the yard and watched as dogs raced hard, jumped high, caught balls, hid bones, chewed on coffee cans and kept their adoring peeps totally amused.  

After the back-yard dog show, as I sat down to a delicious peach sundae with fresh fruit purchased from longtime local, Diane Syth at the Peach Man headquarters off HWY 95, the bliss of the evening here in Selle turned sour on our TV screen . . . once more. 

This morning bold headlines across the top of our regional paper announced details of what we had already watched in the comfort of our living room after our pleasant play time with our dogs. 

Snipers . . . Dallas . . . police officers killed. 

Could the horror of what's happening across our nation because of well-fueled hatred at all levels and because of what appears to be rampant insanity get any worse? 

Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to that question:  probably. 

I sincerely wished this morning that our American nation could operate more like what we like to call our Border Collie Nation. 

  • Our dogs generally get along.  
  • They play hard, and they follow the rules. 
  • Disagreements among them are quickly settled so they can get on with the fun. 
  • They don't hate.
  • They don't point paws at others the instant something goes wrong. 
  • They show respect.   
  • They love people . . . all people. 
  • They make us smile countless times a day. 
  • They will never just go start a fight for no reason. 
  • They share. 
  • They're always eager to please and to do what's right.
  • They are loyal to the core. 
  • If one of their peeps gets hurt or injured, they'll come running with a compassionate face lick or two.
  • And, yes, they'll even take time to smell the oregano! 

What a contrast Bill and I witnessed last night!  Right now, I'm thinking the Border Collie Nation "gets it" with much more wisdom and cooperation than their human counterparts are showing. 

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