Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Wanderings

I went to the Spots of Fun Horse Show at our local fairgrounds yesterday with a very different perspective from that of the past several years.  

Instead of holding a microphone announcing upcoming classes, commands for competitors in the ring and results for each class, I walked around, talked and took a few photos.

It was a nice change. 

It's been fun announcing shows over the years, but the job requires remaining in one spot for hours on end and missing out on visiting with friends. 

Time spent there yesterday gave me an opportunity to enjoy a few quality visits and to move about the grounds wherever and whenever I wished. 

My sisters were showing a couple of horses, each of which is in a partnership with my brother.  So, I hung around until they were finished, purchased a piece of Moriha Yetter's homemade huckleberry pie and went on my way. 

Since Bill and Willie were headed to Smith Creek for a fishing trip, I decided to take my own little jaunt up Bonners Ferry way.  The trip included a stop for groceries at Super 1 and a pleasant hike on the Deep Creek trail in the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge.  

I love the trails up in the valley because generally there are no hills to climb.  The pathways once served as dikes before Libby Dam when the valley often flooded. 

So, walking is pleasant, invigorating but not strenuous.  Plus, these hikes offer lovely escapes into the natural world of birds, other wildlife, peaceful stretches of water and generally gorgeous bucolic scenes. 

For my hike, the sun came out, and a pleasant breeze was blowing through the valley.  

Before leaving the area, I took a quick trip up the Myrtle Creek Road, which offers some spectacular views of the Kootenai River and other water pockets in this rich expanse of farm land and wildlife habitat. 

On my way home along the old highway which winds along Deep Creek, a handsome mule at the Mace Gallery took my eye. 

It was a lovely brief getaway, and by the time I returned, the sun had been shining long enough for the doggies in the run to dry off.  No baths were needed on this day where moisture ruled the morning hours. 

Later, my sister called and invited me over for a hamburger.  And, soon, Bill and Willie showed up from their fishing trip to finish off the last two burgers.  We enjoyed a nice family visit and then headed our respective ways to crash after a busy day. 

No rain today.  Summer may be returning, and it's looking like a great day ahead. 

Happy Sunday. 

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