Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Fair Fun . . . .

She could have been the only entry in the sheep costume class, so she definitely caught my eye as I walked toward the arena yesterday afternoon where open class sheep and their more conventionally dressed handlers were competing. 

"Mary-Had-a-Little Lamb" also had some cute little brothers lending support as she waited for her class to begin.  

Meeting these dedicated and caring kids along with their adviser turned out to be a very positive experience, especially because at least two have parents who graduated with my son Willie. 

The young man in the red T-shirt greeted me as I walked past and told me a few things about their group, including the fact that they had lost classmates/close friends to suicide. 

Their main goal is promoting awareness and information to other kids and to adults about where to get help when desperation sets in.  With HOPE (hold on pain ends) as their guiding force, this group is organizing a Walk for HOPE on the Long Bridge Sept. 4 at 5 p.m.

Registration is $25 for adults and $20 for youth with $5 off from registration if signed up by Aug. 20.  T-shirts will be given to all registered walkers as well as food and music at the end.  

More information about the group and the walk is available at or by calling Jennifer at 208-290-8391. 

Also, anyone who visits their booth at the fair can help the cause by purchasing a yellow suicide awareness wrist band for $2.

Definitely a great cause.  Hats off to these kids and their mentors.

Chris was one of the first folks I saw when I left the main exhibit building yesterday, and this was the first time I've seen her since she officially moved back to Sandpoint to enjoy her retirement.  

Well, soon anyway.  Before settling in, she'll spent a month in France to visit a friend in Normandy. 

Chris came to the fair with her granddaughter and her niece.  They were on their way to a style show where other family members were participating. 

It's always fun to see Robyn McNall doing what she does best AND she does a lot of things very well.  I do believe this is the first time I've seen her showing sheep, but her talents have also shined with Border Collies and Shorthorn cattle.  Robyn brought a beautiful animal to the open class competition. 

As did her granddaughter (below) who was among the many extended family members showing some outstanding and beautifully fit sheep. 

I just call this "Balloon Boy."  He was fully engaged at blowing up this balloon as much as big as it could be.  And, with his efforts, he created a lovely marketing tool for Idaho Forest Group. 

AWE in its purest form. 

Would you believe that the little one is NOT Doug Stockdale's grandbaby.  

But who would guess from the warm, loving embrace Doug was providing for a friend's baby while watching the sheep competition at yesterday's Bonner County Fair. 

These are simply a sample of the curley fries available at a booth west of the indoor arena at the fair.  If this amount of cholesterol doesn't satisfy you, then order the "dirty fries," which include a huge topping of barbecued pulled pork. 

If Bill were around, I have a feeling he'd be first in line to get his serving.

I see the wringer washer and remember the day so long ago when another wringer grabbed my fingers and almost swallowed my arm.  I think my older brother tripped the release so I could get my arm out before Mother came back to the house.

I see all the squash, and I think, "Why didn't I bring some of my zucchini to add to the display?"  I guess there's still time!

"Big Horns," the goat, seemed a bit shy.  I can't figure out why. 

I enjoyed a nice visit with longtime friends Moriha and Angela while strolling around the fairgrounds.  Angela says her son has a pack goat and will be competing at the fairground trail course, dealing with specific obstacles.  She said he did pretty well in that category last year, winning a purple ribbon. 

If the photo above looks out of place in today's collection, it is. It's actually a couple of thousand miles away.  Annie sent it to me yesterday, pointing out that it's the view we'll have when we watch the Chicago Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field this Sunday night. 

We understand that the game is being broadcast on ESPN, so tune in around 5.  If I catch a foul ball, I'll wave!

No, we're NOT excited. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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