Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday HAAA CHOOOO!!! Slight

How dare I catch a cold before school starts!  Never mind that I don't ever have to go to school again, but still. . . .

It's not supposed to be the cold/flu season!

Just like spring, which came early this year, I guess the 2016 sick season decided to make a jump start and catch folks like me off guard.

In fact, it took me two whole days to finally decide that I really did have a cold.  That was four days ago, and if that old saying that a cold lasts either two weeks or 14 days is true, yuck!

I've already had enough.  Colds get in the way of life, and I've got things to do, people to see.  About two days ago, though, I decided the "people to see" needed to be put off for another time.  

Skipped my hair appointment yesterday; after all, my hairdresser Sally has young daughters who will start school on Tuesday.  They don't need this cold.

Heck, I even skipped the weekly Friday-night dinner with family members!  A definite sign that the cold is putting out more than just an occasional sniffle.  

This particular bout has inflicted an all-out body slam on this ol' gal.  

Plus, the slurpy sneezes are unpredictable, epic and definitely dangerous for anyone standing within a ten-foot radius of my nose.  

You should see Liam recoil whenever I explode with another series of HAAA CHOOOS!

Actually, this "before-school-starts" cold has knocked me for several loops, removing virtually all energy and keeping me slouching a lot more than the usual walking around, earning steps for Fitbit.

My Fitbit tells me I took only 10,800 steps yesterday, about 10,000 shy of the usual. I'm actually surprised that I earned that many steps yesterday because, for the most part, the couch and the TV turned out to be my best friend. 

On the second count, it's a terrible time to have a cold if ya want to let the TV serve as a temporary elixir.  

This week we were treated to the illnesses or lack thereof of both Presidential candidates, which, like everything else, they talk about reeks of the worst case ever of rabid hyperbole.

I used "rabid" because this week, in spite of my sneezes,  I've been trying to write a feature story which includes information about street dogs that spread rabies.

Since foaming or raging at the mouth is thought to be one of the symptoms of rabid dogs, the word seemed appropriate for describing our present political discourse.  

There's a lot of foaming going on, and I think it would be nice if those candidates caught the cold I tried to avoid.  

Then, maybe they would really be sick and have to quit flinging their dirt for a while and then we viewers could have a break from the nauseating back and forth body punches---or should I say "low blows."  

And, if that were to happen, maybe the 24-7 networks could switch to real news like whatever happened to Malaysian Flight 370.  

Certainly that English flight expert from CNN has some new theories after having the entire two-year Presidential election hiatus to allow him plenty of time to formulate some answers to the mystery.  

Anywho, so far, this morning feels somewhat like I might have turned the corner, leaving at least the body-ache and fatigue aspects of this cold behind.  

Of course, sitting here at the computer doesn't require a lot of energy, but at least my head seems to be functioning a little better with the brain engaged a tad bit more than the nose. 

Time will tell. 

In the meantime, I may be feeling better simply because I've already seen some stimulating eye candy this morning.  

It's still just a little early---just like my cold showing up before the official season opener---but ZAG fans love seeing the early signs of the upcoming Bulldog basketball season. Thoughts of another winter of loving the ZAGS is good for what ails anyone. 

So, I'll share the eye candy in the photo collage below and then head off to blow my nose and then start earning those Fitbit steps. 

Happy Saturday.  Go ZAGS!!! And, whatever you do, if you hear a sneeze, run the other way.  You don't want this cold.  

AHHHH!  Now, there's a true cure for any ol' cold.

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