Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Shorter Days, Longer Leash on Liam's Life

As if the days are not becoming noticeably shorter and as we work our way into fall, I have helped this particular shorter day along significantly----by another 50 minutes.

Yup, slept in this morning, and darkness this evening isn't gonna give me any slack.  It'll come when it's supposed to come, which means my day will be similar to the even shorter days of October.

So, to make the most of it, I'll try to keep this post short. 

Short sentences should help. 

Still dark at 5:55.

It's Wednesday. 

Liam's 11 months old today.

Liam ran off last evening.

Twas turkeys. 

A supreme dog-scent mechanism led his nose astray.

The nose found turkeys in the woods.

Turkeys screamed.

They squawked. 

They launched into the air like helicopters. 

Mom yelled at Liam.

Liam had turned deaf.

Probably all noise from helicopter turkeys. 

Mom yelled again and again.

Mom ran toward the woods.

Liam ran faster, leaving the turkey chaos, nose still to the ground. 

Mom kept yelling and running.

Then, Bill joined in. 

Mom drove to Selle Road. 

No Liam.

Mom hopped on the 4-wheeler and raced through the woods.

No Liam.

Bill stood at the far end of the woods.

No Liam.

Mom raced back through the woods to the house.

No Liam.

Mom raced down the lane.


Liam sighting, heading back to the house from wherever.

Panic ended. 

Liam had more lessens.

Liam lives to celebrate another month. 

Will Liam make it to age 1?

That is the question.

Will Mom and Dad have heart attacks before he reaches age 1?

Hope not. 

Today is a new day, albeit short. 

Liam's leash days have not ended. 

And, that is all for now.  Enjoy your Wednesday. 

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