Thursday, October 06, 2016

Another Colorful Day

When dark clouds roll in---but the sun holds its own, lighting up a landscape filled with a myriad of autumn colors---the resulting scenes can be breath-taking.  

That was the case yesterday afternoon as we waited for Bill's sister Margaret and her friends to come to Sandpoint. 

The waiting throughout the day before a heavy rainstorm allowed more time than usual to admire the beauty bestowed upon us during this time of year. 

In the morning a cloud of mist rolling through the pasture cut quite a scene as Lefty enjoyed his breakfast. 

As a perennial lover of fall, I'm hoping, after last night's drenching and a couple of wet days ahead, that when the sun returns we still have at least one more episode of the annual autumn color show.  

It is so good for the soul and mighty fun with the camera. 

On this rainy Thursday, it's back to the classroom to talk about writing feature stories with my sister Barbara's yearbook class.  That should be fun.  Plus, stepping back into the role of teacher should definitely satisfy my assignment for Throwback Thursday. 

Happy Thursday. 

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