Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Around the Neighborhood

When we sit down to watch the Game One of the World Series tonight, we'll be enjoying dinner prepared by the folks at Selle Valley Carden School.

They're in the midst of a fundraiser with hopes of raising $1,200, and they're preparing main dishes for whoever wants to participate.  I saw the announcement the other day and immediately ordered up some lasagna, which includes some Wood's Meats.

No price set on these delights----just whatever you want to donate.  In my mind, if it turns out to be gold-plated lasagna, that will be okay because I love the school and its students and staff that much. 

So, thoughts of not fixing dinner and probably loving that lasagna prepared with a country touch are starting my day off just right.  Adding the World Series with the Cubs is okay too.

It was pretty neat to watch CBS News last night and immediately recognize where some of the interviewing about the Cubs took place:  Harry Carays Restaurant.  We ate at one of the franchises honoring the former Cubs announcer when we visited Chicago in August. 

In other news, if the rain stops, as predicted, later this morning, I'll continue my yard projects from yesterday.  The first round of picking up leaves is complete, and the garden has been rototilled for the winter. 

I know I'll be going round and round with the leaf pickup for a few weeks, as I do every fall, but I always figure that every leaf that goes in a pile will mean that much less yard work in the spring. 

Cleaning up dead flowers and pruning perennials will lead the list on today's agenda. I also have to figure out what's making our big water trough leak.  Not fun filling it up and finding it only half full the next day. 

Hoping we don't have to buy a new one. 

Anyway, all is well here this morning, and we're still enjoying the beauty of fall. 

Happy Tuesday.  Go, CUBS!

Our friend Maryann's Arabian gelding Capone.


Karen Evans said...

Go Tribe! Weather is suppose to be nice, for first game. Beautiful fall day here.

Marianne Love said...

It's a great pairing up of teams. Should be a great series!