Monday, October 31, 2016

Oh, Deer! Hello, California Casualty!

We had a deer in our headlight yesterday afternoon----ever so briefly.  Still, it left its mark, and we have no idea how the deer is doing. 

Bill looked in the rear view mirror immediately after the impact as we were traveling HWY 2 near Moyie Springs.  No sign of the the critter. 

That's pretty much how the deer appeared also, seemingly out of nowhere. 

Thump! And,  it was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

We kept on moving because there were cars behind us, and as we proceeded on down the highway, we could see things falling off the right front side of the car. 

Eventually pulling over to a wide spot, stopping and parking, Bill got out. I tried to get out, but the door didn't want to open.  Bill pulled on it from the outside and it finally opened but not without a big loud crunch as the metal edges from the body and from the door pinched together. 

Bill has already called the insurance company, and we've both moved past the initial shock of the event.  Fortunately, neither of us was hurt (except that deer perhaps) and the car was able to get us home.  

We feel very fortunate and grateful. 

Speaking of deer in the headlights, I've discovered that the local deer, those that think they own the Lovestead front lawn, have done some more damage to our property.  

Do insurance companies honor claims for pumpkin destruction, and can I get law enforcement to do something about these Bambi pumpkinnappers?  

This morning I discovered that one of the pumpkins, which had been residing for the past few weeks in a flower area in one of our poplar clumps, had been dragged about six feet away from the trees and brutally attacked.  

The ruthless set of teeth gnawed a great big hole in the side of the orange abductee and had even removed some of its guts.  I was glad that it was pretty dark out there so I wouldn't be quite so horrified with the sight.

I told Bill about the incident, and he rationalized the deer need to do their trick or treating too.   

So, we've got deer on the mind today and not thinking of them too kindly. 

The rain has returned after a brief respite, and we're figuring it's doing its best to set an all-time moisture record for the month of October.  At the rate it's coming down, I think Tom Sherry could be making a big announcement today or tomorrow. 

Maybe when we turn over the calendar to November, we'll get a break.  But wait! Weather prognosticators announced a couple of days ago that we're destined for much more snow than usual this winter. 

I have a feeling there will be a bit more Marianne whining and moaning than usual over the next few months. 

In the meantime, thoughts of that damaged car were put aside last night for the Cubs game.  How 'bout those CUBS!!!

They finally won a World Series game in Wrigley Field after 75 years.  How nice, especially for the folks in Chicago!  

And, happily, the Series goes on, offering us more diversions from the ever-increasing ugliness of the Presidential campaign.  

If we're lucky, the World Series, our daughter-in-law Debbie's birthday, the release of the newest Sandpoint Magazine (congratulations, Erica Curless, for your first experience as editor), AND the beginning of the ZAGS season----those and more should keep us in an upbeat mood. 

Happy Monday.  Happy Halloween.  Watch out for the deer and drive very carefully for the two-legged trick or treaters!

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